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How To Make Millions Download Of Your App: Nine Tested Tips

Nov 04, 2022  |  Shuja Ali

Creating a hit app might be tricky as it requires a significant amount of hard work, dedication, and creativity. You need to follow the latest market trends before creating your next application. Still after creating your application, you need to follow all the requisites of marketing to get the answer of how to make millions download of your app.

So, creating and finalizing your application is never enough if you are not aware of the techniques used to get maximum downloads. 

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Image: Learn How to Make Millions Download of Your App  

How Users Discover New Apps?

According to a research done by Google in 2016, users discover applications by the following percentages. 

  1. By  Friends & Family - 20%
  2. By Searching on App store - 26% 
  3. By Watching in Apps Ads - 34%
  4. By Finding it on social media - 20%

So, the best way to get many downloads is by making your application reach out to as many users  as  possible.   

How To Make Millions Download Of Your App? Nine Proven Strategies

There are a lot of ways by which you can make millions of downloads of your app, but the main ones still remain the same. You need to make sure to follow all the steps in the right way to get as many downloads as you can possibly handle. 

 1. Optimize Your Application 

App optimization is the first and the most important step before you market your app. Your application should be available on all the platforms and must be up and running on all the devices. App optimization is also important to give a better user experience to the people who  download your app, which will allow them to spread your message to other people.

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2. Market Your Application 

Marketing is the key to success for any product or service. If you can’t market your product in a perfect way, there will be more chances of failure. So, you need to ensure that your marketing strategy is perfect and up to the mark. 

There are different marketing channels available on the internet these days. You need to make sure you market your product on all of them to reach maximum audience and audience of all types. From social media to emails, your app should reach every marketing channel and attract visitors available on all the platforms. 

3. Create An Enticing App Icon

The one that is attracting the most has the maximum earning potential. Your app icon should be enticing and exciting to attract different people. Moreover, your app icon should also represent the idea of app creation. The color contrast should be chosen according to your target  audience.

4. Name & Describe Your App 

The name and the description of your app should be able to attract new visitors and retain the existing users. The name and the description should reveal the idea behind your app creation, which will let users know the motive of the app creation. Always remember, your app’s name and description is the first thing that will attract your customers. So, better make it a great one for getting million downloads of your app.

Image: How to Make Millions Download of Your App? Check out this awesome app marketing tools above. 

5. Encourage User Reviews

The users should be the most important part of your application. You should keep their satisfaction to your priority. The users will be the major reason for the growth and success of your application. The reviews of the users will attract more customers. So, it is better to satisfy them by fulfilling their requirements. 

Many app owners fail to even get reviews from the users or maybe they don't pay special attention to it, which is one of the biggest mistakes. You should pay special attention to taking the reviews of the users. While they are using it, you can ask for their feedback in so many different ways.

6. Develop Email Marketing Campaigns  

Email marketing is one of the most underrated marketing strategies that should never be ignored. You should build an email list of your existing customers to send them different updates about your application. This will help you retain them for a larger period of time. 

Email marketing is also effective for getting new customers. You can build a list of customers who showed some kind of interest in your application. They will be downloading your app at some point of time, and you will be able to get millions download of your app. 

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7. Focus On The User

Good user experience is the key to success of the application. Your application should have excellent user interface and color contrast to give them an excellent experience. As the application starts getting more downloads you will have to start working on different parts of the application according to your testing results. The reviews of your customers for your application should also be taken into notice for enhancing the user experience on your application.

8. Build a Website 

If you don't have a website, you should focus on creating one. A website will help you to get a million downloads of your app to a certain extent. In order to get one hit app, you must be winning on google as well as other social media platforms to attract as many customers as you can. A website will be able to attract customers from all over the internet, which will be a plus point for getting the maximum number of downloads of your application. 

9. Promote it on Social Media  

You can never ignore the power of social media. Your application should be available to the audience on social media. Social media advertising plays a significant role in getting new customers. It is also important for building a community around your application, which is really helpful on a longer run. 

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So, an answer to the question, "How To Make Millions Download Of Your App?", is simple as it  completely depends on your preferences and project. 

Getting millions of downloads of your app can be tricky as it requires out of the box thinking and creativity. Marketing is a major source of getting your app to your target audience. You should be able to reach as many people as you can to get millions download of your app.  Due to this reason, many app developers and business owners hire expert app marketing companies and consultants to get their application reach maximum audience.

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