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Oct 08, 21  |  ibrahim imran

Hulu Statistics, Net Worth: How to Build One

Is Hulu doing great in its industry? Want to check out Hulu statistics and Hulu net worth 2021? This blog aims to provide you with accurate information regarding  Hulu statistics and Hulu net worth. In the end of this blog, you’ll also find some great tips on how to create an app like Hulu, so be sure to check out! 

All About Hulu Statistics & Net Worth

Hulu's ties to American media giants have put it in stark contrast to Netflix, which, while subject to industry licensing requirements, is considered an independent operator. For the majority of its life, Hulu was controlled by one or more media firms, with Disney obtaining a majority stake in 2019.

This image of Hulu as a dump for content from movie and television studios is a myth that arose during a period when multiple media corporations owned interests in the company but refused to publish new titles on it. Prior to that time, Hulu was a fierce competitor to Netflix, aiming to forge new territory with cutting-edge internet partners.

Regrettably, Hulu has always been overshadowed by Netflix, which adds millions of new subscribers every year in North America, Europe, and South America. In 2015, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video both started original TV programs, a step that further distanced the video streaming services from traditional media.

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Hulu Statistics in Detail

Hulu would take two years to imitate Netflix and Prime Video, releasing The Handmaid's Tale in 2017. It was an instant smash for Hulu, and it allowed the streaming service to rebrand as a content generator in its own right, rather than just an aggregator of old television series and movies.

As Hulu's original programs grew in popularity, Disney moved to buy more of the company from other media companies. After acquiring 30 percent of Hulu from 21st Century Fox, AT&T sold 10 percent of the firm to Disney a month later. Comcast started a month later that it would sell its 33 percent stake to Disney by 2024, relinquishing full control.

In comparison to Comcast and 21st Century Fox, Disney has executed one of the most innovative digital strategies in the last ten years. Disney+ has about 100 million subscribers globally in its first year, and ESPN+ has more than 10 million.

However, it's unclear what Disney's ambitions are for Hulu in the future, or whether it will eventually be absorbed into the Disney empire.. Disney presently provides a $12.99 package that includes Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+, indicating that the firm is okay with various platforms for the time being.

  • In 2020, Hulu made $4.4 billion in revenue, with $2.9 billion in subscription income.
  • Hulu has over 39 million subscribers, with 4.1 million of those opting for Hulu's Live TV services.
  • When Disney agreed to buy the rest of the app from Comcast in 2019, it valued it at $15.8 billion.

Below we have further broke down key statistics which includes total revenue generated by Hulu in different operational aspects. 

Hulu Net Worth: Total Revenue

Total Rev
2010$0.2 bin
2011$0.4 bin
2012$0.6 bin
2013$1 bin
2014$1.1 bin
2015$1.6 bin
2016$2 bin
2017$2.4 bin
2018$3.1 bin
2019$3.5 bin
2020$4.4 bin

Hulu Total Ad Revenue 

Date (Year)
Total Ad Rev
2020$0.9 bin
2019$1 bin
2018$1.5 bin
2017$1.6 bin
2016$1.5 bin

Hulu Total Subscription Revenue 

Date (Year)
Total Sub Rev
2016$1.1 bin
2017$1.3 bin
2018$1.6 bin
2019$1.9 bin
2020$2.9 bin

Hulu Net Worth Explained

AT&T (through WarnerMedia) sold its 9.5 percent ownership in Hulu to the business for $1.43 billion on April 15, 2019. Furthermore, the below table showcases the profit generated by Hulu in the past few years of operation. Ultimately, it will give you clear insight into the hulu net worth.

2017($0.9 bin)
2018($1.8 bin)
2019($1.5 bin)
2020($0.6 bin)

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How to Create App Like Hulu?

Wondering how to create an app like Hulu? Well, this section provides you with the best features to consider when creating your app like Hulu. 

Features of Hulu App 

Registration, Onboarding Experience, and Multilingual Availability

Making the registration process simple for users is the first and most important step in creating a fantastic service like Hulu. Because consumers dislike the registration procedure, giving them the option to register all at once will provide you with an advantage.

Let us now discuss onboarding. In the present era, it is a requirement for developing practically any software. The onboarding process guides you through a brief walkthrough of the app's capabilities and allows you to customize all of your favorite options to suit your needs.

If you want to see your streaming app succeed, the greatest thing you can do is make it available in multiple languages. As a result, people from all over the world will be able to use it properly.

Exploration and Search

Any streaming software you come across will have a search feature since it makes it easier for the user to find shows and movies. If available on the platform, this feature gives the user a direct choice. It also shows all of the app's users' most popular queries.

The exploring task must be simple. If this is the case, the audience will be enticed to use your service for a long time. It saves time by avoiding the time spent looking for anything suitable.

Watchlist and User Profile

The user's profile allows them to make changes to their personal information, including their generic profile, emails, and passwords. This will make data management much easier for them.

Most users now want to create multiple profiles inside a single account. If these accounts belong to various people, it's critical to track each member's interests and make appropriate recommendations when they want to watch anything new. It maintains track of its preferred genres, and apps like Hulu have set a limit on the number of user profiles that can be added. 

Real-time analytics and social features 

When discussing other crucial characteristics, it is necessary to understand how real-time analytics works. Hulu, for example, has implemented this feature to track the presentation of each video in real-time.

People enjoy sharing their hobbies and interests with their friends and family. It will boost the popularity of a specific movie or show that is shared on your platform.

If users can rank and comment on the video's content quality, other users will be able to simply locate a better option.

Want to Create an App Like Hulu?

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