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Nov 25, 21  |  Shuja Ali

Hyperledger Solidity: Get Started Guide for Beginners

For me, one of the most striking aspects of Blockchain technology is the rapidity with which it is developing. It has only taken a few years for us to get from Bitcoin being the first and sole Blockchain-based framework to having more than 1600 crypto-currencies and almost 100 frameworks to choose from. There are other prominent frameworks, but Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum are two of the most widely used, and I feel that their relationship will be a boon for this technology.

Well, I'm a techie, and my goal with this article is to illustrate another technical component of the Hyperledger Fabric that has been previously discussed in depth. To cut to the chase, let's get to the point of this discussion:

Consider the possibility that you may now execute your Ethereum Smart Contracts on the Hyperledger Fabric.

What do you think?

Yes, you read it correctly. In fact, the Hyperledger foundation has released a project that makes it possible to do precisely that. In the form of a Hyperledger Fabric chaincode, you would interact with it in the same way that you would engage with any other chaincode, with a few minor differences.

What Is Hyperledger? 

As part of the Hyperledger Project, a worldwide corporate blockchain project is being developed that provides the structure, standards, norms, and tools required to develop open-source blockchains and associated applications for usage across many sectors. There are many permissioned blockchain systems developed by Hyperledger that are enterprise-ready and where network users are familiar with one another and so have an inherent motivation in participating in the consensus-making process.