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How to Improve Ecommerce Customer Experience?

Jun 11, 2022  |  Ibrahim Imran

When you walk into your favorite retail store, you are usually welcomed by a cheerful salesman who is eager to assist you in selecting the finest product for your needs. They consider your budget and respond to any questions you may have along the process. Finally, you make a purchase and leave the outlet satisfied, completing an enjoyable offline customer experience.

Customer experience refers to how a company engages with its customers at each stage of the purchasing process. As eCommerce platforms get increasingly cluttered, retailers must find innovative ways to entice customers to buy with them on a regular basis. 

Improving customer experience can significantly increase conversion rates. When brands intentionally listen to their customers and study their activities, we've seen fantastic results time and time again. They're frequently astonished to learn that the dazzling new site designs that their creative staff is so enthusiastic about don't wow their best prospects nearly as much.

In this post, we'll look at a few successfully proven strategies that can make your ecommerce store's customer experience better. 

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Tips on Improving Ecommerce Customer Experience (Off-Site) 

The value of a positive client experience to a company is immeasurable. It has the power to increase or decrease sales. Your website can either breed frustration and doubt, or it may nurture a sense of trust and create an engaging customer experience. 

The customer experience differentiator boils down to this: preemptive user experience optimization may prevent disaster and turn underperforming ecommerce websites into sales leaders. So, are you ready to boost your sales potential and create a brilliant brand identity online? These tips on improvising customer experience will surely help you!

Delight Your Customers 

According to several ecommerce studies, a 5% customer retention rate increase ensures to increase profits by at least 25%. Now, the ecommerce businesses out there that have an understanding of the importance of retaining customers, work really hard to deliver customers with a seamless experience. But, how do you delight your customers? Well, here are some ideas for ecommerce stores to give a try;

  1. Sending customers personalized emails with rewards or loyalty points after the purchasing of a product. 
  2. Emails with thanks in regard to the purchasing done by the customer. 
  3. Referral programs can be quite useful and can be implemented for both loyal customers and new buyers.
  4. Send a handwritten thank-you note or free gifts along with the order to loyal customers.

Consider Building A Community 

By building a community for the people who are your true supporters, you can keep them well-engaged regarding several important aspects of your business and what more it has to offer. A community is a collection of people who are true supporters of your brand, what it stands for, and has to offer. Two of the most effective ways to develop a community are through social media and email. You can encourage people to give reviews and ratings on your product pages by encouraging them to do so. 

In fact, communities are the key to brand loyalty, awareness, and success of a business online. Having a strong and engaged community will help your ecommerce business to improve in aspects that were not even considered before. Hence, the ability to improve customer experience in ecommerce stores becomes much more possible and easier.

Social Media Engagement

Social media isn't just about entertaining your followers. It is not about just creating an online presence for yourself or your business. In fact, social media is a brilliant way for ecommerce stores to address concerns online and answer questions regarding their business. By responding to each question not only are you letting your previous and future customers know you’re there for them, but you can use this information to improve your customer experience by implementing certain strategies from all the feedback you get online. 

Ecommerce Site Customer Experience Optimization (On Site)

Once you’ve built a community and have got your customers engaged on social media, you can’t simply rely on that purely. This is because your customers will visit your site and that is the place where you need to deliver a good customer experience. So, the following are some real tips on improvising your customer experience on Ecommerce stores. 

Ecommerce Store Design 

The web design of your store will not only portray what type of business you are but will also be the factor that either makes it easier for visitors to comprehend what your site has to offer. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your site’s visual design reinforces authority, trust, and service. You should strive towards an effective design and be well aware of factors that lead to over-design. Keep in mind that the simpler the design, the better the user experience is going to be for your customers. Make sure your ecommerce site not only matches your brand's design and identity but also satisfies the needs of your customers.

Optimize Your Business 

You need to optimize your business in terms of focusing your strategy on meeting the needs of the target audience and avoid targeting the people that are considered as unqualified prospects to your website. This means you should be listening to what your “real” customers want via social media and surveys and optimize your business strategy accordingly. 

Make Customer Journey a Breeze 

Once you’ve understood your best prospect’s needs, create an easy layout of your online store accordingly. A layout that is clean, along with user-friendly paths to purchase products, will ensure they come back for more. In fact, an easy layout and user-friendly purchasing pathway will even boost lead generation. Also, consider using clever navigation and search features to help prospects to find what they are looking for with ease. 

Loading Speed 

If your site runs slow and all the pages take time to load, how can you expect the customer experience to be good? You need to work on the way your site operates when live. In order to improve customer experience in this scenario, you must conduct user testing and analysis. Make sure your site is running smoothly with images, texts, graphics, and other elements loading quickly in sync with the site. 

Customer Service 

Ecommerce customer service features are a must in order to really give your visitors that feeling of being catered. For example, a live chat feature for customers to freely ask questions and get instant answers will surely improve the ecommerce customer experience. Chat support tools for claims, refunds, or even delivery information can improve customer experience. 

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Who Can Help You Enhance Ecommerce Customer Experience? 

Taking the tips we’ve provided into consideration, you can improve customer experience by hiring a professional ecommerce website development company and social media marketing agency. An ecommerce website developer will ensure your site not only has that “wow” factor but also has the ability to maintain a consistent brand image along with a seamless experience for ecommerce customers. 

An ecommerce social media marketing team will up your social media marketing game by creating useful strategies that will attract ecommerce customers to your social media accounts and keep them engaged. A social media marketing firm will implement social media campaigns that will provide a ton of useful information that can be used to create a better user experience for ecommerce stores. 

Customer Experience VS User Experience 

User experience and customer experience are often confused as the same. Ultimately, this lack of understanding between the difference of the two terms leads businesses to focus purely on one. While user experience is the experience your customers have with what you have to offer such as a product, customer experience is the experience a “customer” has with your brand as a whole. 

So, which one is better? Well, while user experience is a subset of customer experience, it is one of the most important aspects that needs to be done the right way because it can have a negative impact on the whole customer experience. In fact, UX is considered as the most influential aspect of CX. However, you can’t state which one is better because both play a vital role in the success of a business in terms of building customer loyalty and engagement. 

Hence, in order for businesses to remain competitive and delight their users/customers across every touchpoint, both CX and UX must be continuously optimized. 

Final Thoughts 

Is good ecommerce customer experience important? What makes a good ecommerce experience? Why is improving ecommerce customer experience important? Hopefully, we've answer all of your questions. Keep in mind the quality of engagement between your customers and your firm is referred to as customer experience. Your ecommerce website visitors' first impressions will primarily impact whether they return, how much they spend with you, and how long they stay as customers. So, with that being said, delivering a seamless ecommerce experience on an ecommerce website is crucial. In fact, if CX isn't taken seriously, the business will surely see failure. 

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