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Is Mobile App Development Dead All You Need To Know

Sep 20, 22  |  Admin

Only a few years ago, mobile apps were one of the most effective company techniques. Users would frequently download and use mobile apps. Things, on the other hand, have changed dramatically. Users are becoming less and less interested in the idea of downloading a new app for each and every task. 

As a result, some people believe that apps are dead. 

A circumstance like this is bound to generate a lot of havoc in corporate plans. Many product designers are already debating whether the mobile app market is still viable. Is the market on its last legs? Or Mobile apps are dead?

Although mobile apps are still widely utilized, there are few new downloads each month. According to statistics, large corporations receive the most downloads, whereas new apps created by tiny businesses or individuals frequently become lost in the app jungle. The app store as we know it now, on the other hand, is evolving in new directions.

According to Mobile App Development Statistics

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are two of the most popular app stores. Statista estimated that Google Play has 2.8 million apps and Apple Store had 2.2 million. That's a colossal figure! In fact, new apps are being added on a consistent basis. According to analysis, the number of apps worldwide increased by 60%, with 30% more user time. The problem is that these figures show no signs of the market deteriorates. But the truth is that only a small percentage of apps succeed in generating traction. The majority of apps end up being useless.

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Here's even more data that shows the latest app craze has passed us before.

  • Every month, the average American downloads less than ten apps.
  • Approximately 60% of the apps in the Google Play Store have never been downloaded. It’s mean some of the apps are dead.
  • According to a survey conducted by Compuware, 80-90 percent of newly installed apps are removed after the first use.

With all of this information, it's simple to predict the present state of the app market. Even a Gartner finding suggests that 20% of brands in the market will drop support for their native apps.

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Common Issues With Mobile Apps

The market will continue to get more competitive. So, what exactly triggered the app industry's steady demise? Why do app developers continue to create new apps with a slim probability of success? Why are customers hesitant to use new apps?

In any case, the change does not appear imminent; at least, not yet. Here is a 

A handful of the most important causes behind the app industry's demise.

The App Store Is Packed With Apps

All app stores now have a total of 2-3 million apps or more. The administration of app categories is a serious issue. The app market is crowded with apps in the same area, making it harder for new apps to stand out. Perhaps the most important problem is the overwhelming number of alternatives offered, which makes things more difficult for users.

People tend to stick with their favored alternatives no matter how many possibilities are provided. It's no surprise that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Uber, and other popular applications dominate the list of the most downloaded and used apps among the millions.

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Quality Issues

Internet users can now choose which app they want to download. Users, on the other hand, don't hesitate to remove an app if they don't like it. Customers find approximately 44 percent of problems in a mobile app, according to recent polls, and 77 percent uninstall it immediately away if the experience isn't suitable.

If you've done any study on app development, you're aware of the time and work required to create a successful app. It necessitates ongoing study, implementation, and testing. Because of the nature of the business, developers are always in a rush to release their products. As a result, they miss a few crucial processes, lowering the software's quality.

The app industry is fiercely competitive, as we've already stated. To thrive in such a hostile environment, developers must prioritize quality above quantity.

Financial Success Is Limited

While apps are effective tactics for increasing brand knowledge and awareness, most developers do not make enough money from their apps. As previously stated, only a small percentage of all apps provide the majority of the market's revenue. Newcomers have a very slim likelihood of succeeding.

The Preference of Consumers Towards Free Apps

It's fair for developers to charge users a reasonable amount for boosting their revenue threshold. Consumers, however, expect free apps to perform better. Smartphone users, for example, don't even look at apps that cost more than $1.

This trend is not encouraging for app developers since they will be hesitant to invest in a sector that offers virtually no potential return.

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Apps Are Being Supplanted by Advanced Websites

Websites are always developing. That's how the internet works. New technologies will take over the land, while old, obsolete technologies will be discarded. There are, of course, certain exceptions. Advanced websites are now directly competing with the app market.

The development of powerful HTML5 websites with mobile-responsive designs, special features, and intelligent JavaScript coding has drastically reduced the time and work required to create an equivalent mobile app.

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Is Mobile App Development Dead? NO

Mobile Apps Are Becoming Better

Mobile App development and promotion are becoming increasingly pricey. After gathering all of the data, you might conclude that the market is doomed. However, that is not the correct manner of expressing the problem. The market is changing towards a new landscape, according to behavior analysis and statistics. Apps are changing, and this trend will continue until we reach a whole new point of view. Indeed, we're on the brink of a technological revolution definition of what an "app" is.

It's critical for us to remain up to date on the current app trends in order to prepare for the transition. Let's take a look at two crucial technologies that are already influencing the mobile business and determining the future.

Conclusion: Is Mobile App Development Dead?!

So, if someone still argues that "Is Mobile App Development Dead" don't believe them. Not at all. The app industry isn't going away anytime soon. It is, in reality, changing and maturing. It's critical to come up with new and better strategies to keep users interested. As a result, if you're thinking of developing a new app, reconsider.

The app industry is a big entity that isn't going to collapse anytime soon.

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