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Oct 13, 21  |  ibrahim imran

Just Eat Statistics & Net Worth: Is it Successful?

Interested in learning more about Just Eat? Well, this blog is going to be providing you with Just Eat statistics and the Just Eat Net Worth.

Just Eat Statistics

Just Eat is maybe the best example of a perfect market fit in the incorrect country. Launched in Denmark in 2001, the team gradually realized they had created a fantastic solution for local businesses, but in a country where takeout isn't particularly popular.

However, a country responsible for half of Europe's food delivery market, the UK, was some 500 miles west across the North Sea. Just Eat debuted in E14 Docklands in 2005, and after six months, the company was producing £7,000 per month from that one postcode.

Just Eat, unlike other meal delivery applications at the time, was solely focused on technology. For £250 (now £699), it sold the Just-Connect box, which connected companies to the Just Eat ordering network. Other options, such as faxing orders and sending automated phone calls, were far less effective.

Just Eat continued to expand from its London Docklands headquarters. The company relocated its headquarters to London and launched in the Netherlands and Ireland within three years.

Just Eat's business model was extremely successful; it charged a fee of 10-15% on every order and had no significant expenses. Due to competition from Uber Eats and Deliveroo, it has begun to operate its own delivery service in recent years. McDonalds, Greggs, and Subway are among the big food companies with which it has partnered.

Even with the additional competition, Just Eat remains the market leader in the United Kingdom. This is largely related to the aggregator vs platform model: Uber Eats and Deliveroo are unable to function in many areas because they require delivery riders, whereas Just Eat does not handle the majority of its orders.

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Just Eat Statistics Explained in Detail

Acquisitions have been a source of growth for Just Eat. It paid £445 million for Menu log in 2015, increasing its presence in Australia and New Zealand. It also bought Skip the Dishes in Canada, which has grown to become the country's most popular aggregator.

It also owns a 33 percent share in iFood, a Brazilian aggregator that handles around 85 percent of all food deliveries. Bloomberg estimates that this shareholding is worth $1 billion. 

Just Eat and Takeaway.com announced a merger in 2019. Both companies operate throughout Europe, with Takeaway.com being more popular in Germany and Eastern Europe and Just Eat in France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Just Eat Takeaway is the name of the new company.

With the acquisition of Grubhub for £5.75 billion in June 2020, the takeaway behemoth added a third pillar to its empire. Just Eat now has an 18 percent market share in the United States.

Just Eat Takeaway and Grubhub's combined revenue of $4.65 billion makes it the largest meal delivery firm in the West, however it is dwarfed by Meituan and Ele.me, two Chinese delivery behemoths with revenues of over $7 billion.

One of Just Eat Takeaways concerns is that its strategy, which relies on restaurants delivering to customers, may become less viable if platforms take over delivery.

Below we’ve mentioned key Just Eat statistics for you. You’ll find additional information regarding Just Eat statistics in the tables below.

  • In 2020, Just Eat Takeaway made £2.1 billion in revenue, up 61% from the previous year.
  • Just Eat accounts for roughly 66 percent of the total income of the company.
  • Just Eat Takeaways losses increased to £130 million in 2020.
  • Just Eat Takeaway has a total of 60 million active users.

YearsRevenue in Millions
2011£34 Min
2012£60 Min
2013£96 Min
2014£157 Min
2015£248 Min
2016£375 Min
2017£545 Min
2018£779 Min
2019£1.3 Bin
2020£2.1 Bin

Yearly Growth of Just Eat Userbase 

20112.4 Min
20124.1 Min
20135.9 Min
20148.1 Min
201513 Min
201618 Min
201721 Min
201826 Min
201938 Min
202060 Min

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Just Eat Net Worth 

How much is Just Eat net worth? Well, below we’ve added two tables to give you a clear idea on how much the firm makes and where its values stands. 

YearsProfit in Millions
2013£7 Min
2014£19 Min
2015£35 Min
2016£72 Min
2017(£72 Min)
2018£80 Min
2019(£99 Min)
2020(£130 Min)
2015£1.5 Bin
2017£5.5 Bin
2019£5.9 Bin

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