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Sep 28, 21  |  Ashar Ali

LINE Statistics & Net Worth: All You Should Know

LINE is a Japanese instant messaging app developed by the same-named company. LINE Corporation.

The most popular instant chat apps in Asia have developed into platforms in and of themselves. Users can play games, send money, shop, and much more on these platforms. China's WeChat is likely the most well-known and diversified example. LINE, a company based across the Sea of Japan, provides a similar service.

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During the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, the app was created as an emergency solution for firm (then known as NHN Japan) employees.

In comparison to its humble beginnings, LINE today offers far more functionality. From within the chat app, you can pay for things like taxi trips, restaurant delivery and online ordering, music streaming, and comic book reading.

Line began as a mobile messaging software, but has since expanded into a "super app" with the goal of becoming its users' "life infrastructure."

In 2019, LINE ceased to be a publicly traded corporation and became a subsidiary of Z Holdings, a SoftBank-Naver Corporation joint venture. The holding firm, which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, also includes Yahoo! Japan and PayPay.

In Japan, the Line app is extremely popular. Line has grown to become the country's most popular social platform in the ten years since its introduction, with around 68 percent of the population using it. Aside from YouTube, no other social media platform has been able to match Line's dominance in Japan.

Until recently, it was a little too difficult for businesses outside of the United States to market on the app. That is changing, though, as the company's new owners aim for global expansion. The official accounts have been simplified, and there is now more information available in English.

Line integrates banking, retail, and other services in addition to mobile messaging, voice calls, and video conversations. Access to doctors, travel agents, restaurants and shops, and employment boards is also centralised through the app.

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Line is also a news aggregator and media streaming service, giving users access to daily articles, over 70 million songs, manga, live videos, games, and more.

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LINE Users Worldwide

LINE is thought to have 224 million users. 169 million people live in four of LINE's most important markets: Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand are four of the world's most populous countries.

LINE User Access On Daily Basis

80% of LINE's monthly active users (MAUs) are also daily active users (DAUs), according to the company.

LINE United States (US) Users

There were 3.15 million LINE users in the United States. According to LINE corporation.

Source of Revenue

Stickers are a unique revenue generator for the app. Customers can send over 5,000 stickers and emoticons to friends through LINE's own app store. Because of the popularity of these icons, LINE was able to raise over $500,000 for storm assistance in the Philippines.

LINE Statistics & Net Worth

On LINE, we have gathered data, LINE statistics & net worth. Continue reading to learn more.

LINE's Essential Statistic

  • On LINE, we have gathered data, LINE statistics & net worth. Continue reading to learn more.
  • In 2020, LINE made $1.51 billion in income, largely from advertising.
  • LINE is used by an estimated 224 million individuals once a month, with 86 million of them in Japan
  • In 2020, LINE users spent about $15 billion on the platform.
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LINE Net Worth

According to the Wall Street Journal, Line, based in Tokyo, is valued at around $11 billion and could go public next year. It was founded just years ago and currently has more than 300 million users. iPhone, Android, and Windows users can use LINE.

LINE Revenue

These are revenues according to company source




$59 million


$393 million


$811 million


$1.09 billion


$1.35 billion


$1.52 billion


$1.88 billion


$2.06 billion


$1.51 billion

LINE overview

Launch date

11 June 2011


Tokyo, Japan


Takeshi Idezawa (CEO)

Business type



Z Holdings (SoftBank and Naver)



LINE Users

LINE releases MAU numbers for its four main markets (Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand), which account for around two-thirds of the company's total monthly active users MAUs.





83 million


121 million


143 million


169 million


164 million


164 million


169 million

LINE Net Income


Net income


$65 million


$75 million


($52 million)


($470 million)


($411 million)

LINE Transaction Volume

Line transaction data according to company source

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Transaction volume

$4.26 billion

$9.71 billion

$10.72 billion

$14.96 billion







Finally, LINE is the app with the fastest growth in the Asian market. LINE's statistics & net worth have been steadily expanding over time and popularity.

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