Oct 07, 21

How to Make Apps Like Angry Birds: Best Tips to Follow

Due to the gaming industry continuously growing, many people are interested in taking a dive into the industry and claiming a piece of the pie for themselves. However, regardless of how ambitious you may be to create an app, you need to strengthen your understanding about the particular gaming app you’d like to create first. Therefore, for those interested in diving into the gaming app sector, today we’ve got the best tips on how to make apps like angry birds for you! 

If you’re interested in learning about how to make apps like angry birds, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Here we have mentioned the simple steps you need to take into consideration in order to perfectly create similar apps like angry birders with perfection. 

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Best Tips for How to Make Apps Like Angry Birds 

Have you ever wanted to learn how to develop a game app? It's understandable. The mobile game Angry Birds, which has made over a billion dollars and is ridiculously addictive and has become a cultural phenomenon. Even adults are addicted to the game and find it difficult to stop playing once they begin.

When you consider how many people are looking for new apps every day, it's easy to see how rapidly money can accumulate if you produce a popular paid app.

Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds series, has also developed a profitable franchise by creating various variations of the original game. It has become a household name as a result of the procedure, and licensing arrangements have brought in millions of dollars.

So, if you want to learn how to develop a game app similar to Angry Birds, this guide will walk you through the steps in detail.

Market Research 

You can’t really do anything in any industry without proper research. Especially when it comes to the mobile app development industry. Many gaming apps have failed to make an impact in the industry regardless of how bright the future may have seemed for them. So, why did they fail? The answer is quite simple- Not Taking Research Seriously! 

Every successful app developer and app investor knows that with the right research anything is possible. Once you identify what the consumer wants and how you can fill in the gap that the user so desperately needs, you’re bound to make an impact with your game app. 

In this case you’re planning on creating an app like angry birds, so what type of research is important? Well, Make sure you aren't simply copying another person's idea without realizing it.  If you've played a lot of video games over the years, it can be simple to mix and match other people's ideas. 

Therefore, make an effort to be innovative and think beyond the box. The idea is to take inspiration from the original game while creating something even better. This is beneficial to both your gamers and your business. In order to achieve this unique approach to an app like angry birds, you have to conduct thorough research. 

Don’t Forget the Other Competitors 

You’re certainly not the only one looking to bank on this opportunity to create an app like angry birds. With that being said, when you conduct proper research, you’re going to come across a ton of similar apps like angry birds. Does this mean you give up your plan to create one? No! You have to use this opportunity to study your competitors. Find out if they have made any impact in the gaming industry. It is important for you to find out what do people like about your competitors and more importantly what more do the users expect

Once you penetrate the market with your very own competitor analysis, you’re definitely going to take a much more effective approach towards creating an app that puts up a fight with angry birds and other popular similar apps.

Review Mining 

This is a crucial aspect to not overlook when studying your competitors. This is the process of “reviewing” the reviews.. Literally. You’re going to have to sit yourself down or have your team sit with you and you’re going to have to read through each and every review in order to fully grasp what issues users faced and what the USP of the competitor is. 

Of course this can take time and can be quite annoying. However, review mining if done the right way can truly shape your app into something that people will love. 

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Angry Birds: What Makes It So Great? 

So what features make angry birds such a great game? Well, here we’re mentioning 8 awesome features that angry birds benefit from the most. Ultimately, the goal for you is to take these 8 factors into consideration when you decide to create apps like angry birds.

App Store Optimization 

Marketing a mobile app has become a problem, especially for indie developers, due to the exponential rise of the app market. Every part of the game, from the design to game play to referrals and beyond, must be examined on a daily basis and adjusted for higher conversions.

Make this your number one priority. In case you’re wondering how to optimize for the app store, here are the basic fundamentals to keep in minds;

  • Descriptive Title
  • Keyword Optimization 
  • Properly Describe the App
  • Use High Quality Screenshots
  • Add an App Preview Video
  • Pick the Right Category
  • Focus on Icon Design
  • Encourage Positive Reviews
  • Use App Store Analytics
  • Re-evaluate Regularly

Add Time-Based Reward System 

Users will return to check for time-based prizes, which will not only generate a sense of urgency but also keep them coming back to check for them. While a regular user may return to your app every other day, these types of discounts may entice him to return every day.


The closer you get to providing a platform for your gamers to socialize with their peers, the more likely they will become addicted to your game. Hence, it is important to focus on how angry birds incorporated socialization features into the app to create such an environment for users that made them feel connected even in the game.

Keep the Design Simple 

When it comes to downloading a new game, people are lured to simplicity. One of the reasons Angry Birds became so popular was because it was simple to learn how to play. Focusing on onboarding is the greatest method to ensure that your users understand the game.

Create Mini Variants 

Do not allow your players to become bored. Create extra little games every now and then to give them some variation. Allow them to explore a new facet of your game, earn extra rewards for the main game, and watch them become addicted to it in no time. While this may not be an in-app feature, it is surely something to note down in order to push your app to a level that competes with other apps like angry birds. 

Character Sync 

We all love it when a character has his/her own story and as we progress in the game that story unfolds in front of us. Hence, creating a sense of deep connection between us and the characters we play with. Allow your players to sense their progress during each gaming session. Leveling up is a clever strategy employed in games like Angry Birds 2 and role-playing games like World of Warcraft.

Benchmark the Competition 

Rovio's expansion is unstoppable now, despite its earlier struggles. The regular benchmarking against other games that attract their target gamers is one of the reasons for their success. This allows them to pivot and add features that will lower churn rates while simultaneously making the app more appealing to customers.

Brand Awareness 

It is critical to concentrate on brand awareness while releasing a game. Think beyond the box instead of merely running social ads to promote the game. Rovio noticed that even when they weren't playing the game, its players adored the characters. As a result, they decided to add merchandising in their plan. Their popularity skyrocketed as a result of this.

While we keep track of the highest-grossing games and the strategies they employ to stay there, it's time for you to return to the whiteboard and re-strategize. You can avoid your app or game going the way of the dotcoms by prioritizing design and user interaction.

Cost of Creating App Like Angry Birds 

Angry Birds, which was released in 2009, cost between $100,000 and $150,000. So, does this mean your app will cost more? Not really. This is because the cost of app development varies depending on what your app development process looks like. 

For instance, hiring a freelancer for the game app will be much cheaper than hiring a professional app development firm with years of experience. Also, the visual design, functions, features, app marketing, and everything else within the development phase and outside it once determined will make the cost of creating apps like Angry Birds more realistic and understandable.

Hire The Best App Development Company 

By following the above 3 tips on how to create app like angry birds, you can convey your unique app approach to a professional app developer who will then use the right framework to create an awesome gaming experience for your users. However, in order to make sure your idea and all the hard work around it pays off, you’ll have to make sure that you only hire the best app developers for your project. 

A top-notch app development company that has experience in the gaming sector is the one you should aim to hire. If you’re unsure as to where to find the right app developers for your project, just visit Distinguished.io. Here, you can scan through a list of the best app development companies in the world and hire one that best suits your project needs! 

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