Oct 11, 21

How to Make a Mobile Recharge App?

Online mobile payment applications or mobile wallets make the job of making a payment easier, and they are now extensively utilized by people all over the world. 

In this article, we are going to discuss how to make the best mobile recharge app like ones available online. Let’s discuss how to make it in detail.

But before we get to developing a mobile recharge app, we should learn more about the features that will be included in the mobile app.

Features of Mobile Recharge App

Creating an online payment app necessitates much study on your part. 

Here are some of the crucial features that you need to have for your mobile app screen.

All the features available here are similar to that of PayTM, Venmo, PayPal, and various others.

  • Send/receive payments

First feature you would need in a mobile recharge app is to send and receive money from your mobile platform. There are two things needed for this purpose. The app will first have to store the mobile payments and then send it to others that have the same app available on their smartphone. It is similar to PayTM. 

If you don’t want to build a mobile recharge app from scratch, then you can get codes of mobile apps from CodeCanyon store.

  • Integrations

You would also need integrations with Bank Accounts and other businesses. Let’s say you want to book a ticket for a train or a bus using the mobile app, then the app should integrate with the business. Similarly, the app should also integrate with bank accounts so that it verifies them and confirms the payment.

  • Barcode Scanner

We have already discussed booking & payments but how will people pay from their mobile app? They have two options available. One is to pay using the mobile payment screen. Another is to pay using a barcode screen. The below image tells about how you can scan the barcode reader from within the app. The barcode scanner then verifies the QR code and sends the payment.

  • Transaction History

The mobile recharge app should also have a transaction history available. 

Like the image of the recharge app available above, you can see that the app offers transactions of mobile apps. The app offers data bundle, mobile airtime, and cable tv. However, in our own app, we don’t have to add a cable tv. 

That being said, your mobile app should have transfer history (both credit and debit). You should also focus on users or debtors and creditors. 

  • Wallet Page

Finally, you should also have a wallet page available. 

In your own mobile recharge app, make sure to add a granular view of the wallet page or wallet instance. It should feature the number of banks you have available. The app should also offer a list of the banks and other payment methods.

Similarly, the payment methods should also offer a list of booking apps. You can even replicate the whole screen that we have listed above.

  • Bank Transfer

Bank transfers can have issues with your mobile recharge app. So you would need permission from the federal bank. Like in India, you will need permission from the state bank before you can start with the bank transfers.

Because most mobile apps can’t actually keep the money of someone with them unless they are authorized by the government and the regulatory authorities.

So, when you are building a mobile recharge app, there will be some issues that you will go through.

  • Bank Verification

Now that you have a mobile app available, you will need it for bank verification. The mobile cards will be needed for bank verification. But the problem with these apps is that cards are sensitive data. 

So, you would need complete security for keeping such data on your mobile app.

Which Platform to Use for Mobile Recharge App?

You can use any platform that you want for creating a mobile recharge app. You can even create a hybrid app if you have better security available and if it works for you.

Creating Mobile Recharge App with Android

Mobile recharge apps can be easily made on Android. You can get codes from CodeCanyon and Chupa mobiles and then work on the apps. The apps can be created on Java or Kotlin. Apps are great for users who would want to create a mobile recharging app.

Creating Mobile Recharge App with iOS

Similarly, you can also create mobile recharge apps on iOS. The same way as Kotlin or Java, with iOS you can create apps on Objective C or Swift. These are some of the best ways to create mobile recharge apps and launch them on Apple app stores.

How Do You Start? Creating Your First Mobile Recharge App

You don’t need to create a mobile recharge app by yourself. In fact, you can hire top mobile app developers in the market for this purpose. The basic costing for a mobile recharge app will be as follow:

Make Mobile Recharge App: Costing

The development of a mobile recharge app will be around $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the features available.

But, if you get a mobile recharge app code that can be easily integrated within the app, then you can reduce the cost.

  • Designing of Mobile Recharge App: $500 to $1,000
  • Programming & Development of Mobile Recharge App: $1,000 to $3,000
  • Integrations: $1,000
  • Financial Regulations & Licensing: $2,000 to $5,000
  • Launch: Cost varies based on your audience and market

Ready to Make Your First Mobile Recharge App?

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