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How to Create a Marketing Automation Project Plan

Oct 29, 22  |  Ibrahim Imran

Want to learn how to create a marketing automation project plan? We know you've probably heard of marketing automation's growing popularity which is why it has peeped your interest. The trust is, you’re not the only one who is interested in this subject as per say. 63 percent of marketers will increase their marketing automation spending this year, according to Invespro. So, it really does not come as a surprise as to why many people wish to learn how to create a marketing automation project plan. 

Creating a marketing automation strategy is perhaps one of the most significant adjustments you can make to your marketing agenda this year. However, where do you begin? Which marketing activities should be automated?

When you start seeing lower expenses, increased conversion rates, simpler workflows, more successful content marketing, and constant, verifiable growth, you'll understand the juice is well worth the squeeze.

Today, we'll go over everything you need to know to get started with marketing automation in your company swiftly and easily.

But, before we get into how you can use marketing automation software to boost your productivity and boost your ROI, let's take a look at how marketing automation works.

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Market Automation Project Plan: Nitty Gritty 

Marketing automation works by employing a software application to automate the tedious duties connected with marketing campaigns, allowing you to refocus human resources on more revenue-generating activities.

Identifying which marketing processes can be automated is the first step in adopting marketing automation in your company.

If sales and marketing alignment is a high concern, for example, you can choose a product like Pardot, which integrates easily with the Salesforce CRM. As a result, having your marketing and sales teams collaborate to describe all of their duties and identify which ones Pardot can readily automate is a solid starting step.

After you've compiled a list of tasks that can be automated, you'll be able to choose which platforms or marketing tools are best for your company. These normal marketing chores can be assigned to software automation if you're paying someone to publish social media messages or write emails individually.

Automating these procedures not only saves time and money, but it also helps you to better measure the return on your investment.

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Marketing Automation Project Plan: Features

Many tools and features are included in marketing automation platforms to assist marketers in improving their approach. By organizing and simplifying numerous repetitious operations, it enables for improved project management, lead creation, and more successful marketing campaigns.

Let's look at a handful of the most often used marketing automation capabilities.

Website Traffic Tracking 

Your website serves as your internet presence in order to attract consumers. It would be beneficial if you kept track of website visits to see which marketing campaigns are effective and how clients are brought to your site.

Tracking can also show you when you need to improve your technical SEO or your content.

Tracking Content  

You may also track content analytics using automated technologies. Whether it's a landing page, a blog post, or a gated download, automation software lets you measure visitor interaction so you can convert more people and develop more of the content that draws them in.

Email Marketing 

Instead of having to create a separate account for email campaigns, the most advanced marketing automation solutions already have one. These features will give information on click-through rates, open rates, distribution, and bounce rates, among other things.

They also provide useful email templates and the ability to A/B test email components in order to optimize your metrics. Email campaigns are a time-consuming process that is best accomplished through automation, which allows for increased productivity and accurate reporting.

Post and Track Social Media 

Manually managing social media company accounts may be time-consuming and costly. Many platforms allow you to schedule posts and track how well they are received.

This reduces the expense of social media maintenance for your company and offers you a clear picture of what material is attracting purchasers and what isn't.

Lead Scoring

Lead nurturing and lead scoring are essential elements of successful marketing campaigns. Assigning a score to leads based on their potential to convert allows you to see which prospects are going through the funnel the fastest so you can focus on following up with them while nurturing those who aren't quite ready to buy.

While this is only a sampling of what you may discover on a marketing automation platform, it's important to remember that various marketing automation platforms have different capabilities, so you should evaluate them depending on what's most important to you.

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6 Successful Tips to Create a Marketing Automation Project Plan

The methods below not only show how to run a successful marketing campaign, but they also show how marketing automation can help you enhance and boost efficiency

Determine the Buyer's Ultimate Aim.

What are you looking for the buyer to do? When it comes to purchasing, buyers normally go through three stages: awareness, contemplation, and choice. Always define the final objective first to determine where to begin while getting from point A to point B.

Draw a Map of the Buyer's Path from Awareness to Purchase.

You should plan from the point where consumers first discover your product/service to the point where they buy at the bottom of the funnel. The buyer can effectively navigate where they need to locate what they're looking for thanks to your content strategy.

Determine Lead Phases and Segment Your List.

Lead segmentation might help with targeted advertising depending on the size of your contact list. After you've generated your lead lists, you can utilize customized marketing to promote each plan.

Create an Automated Email Nurturing Campaign to Send to Your Leads.

Maintaining touch with your leads along the funnel is critical, especially if your company has a long sales cycle. An email drip campaign will keep your company front of mind for all of your leads, moving those who are most likely to convert closer to the purchase stage.

Enhance the Buyer's Journey by Providing Relevant Material at Each Stage.

This is where content comes in handy for providing a more personalized experience that relates to buyers' pain spots, answers concerns, and educates them.

Landing pages, blog entries, gated assets, webinars, social media postings, and so on are all examples of content.

Everything should be Optimized.

If your trip isn't designed to improve conversions, your efforts will be in vain. This is just one of the numerous instances when automation software comes in helpful, informing you of what's working well and where issues may arise in the journey so you can correct them and earn more business.

This might be a broken link to a landing page where the lead should be. It might also be exceptionally high bounce rates that are causing a problem with your email provider and need to be addressed.

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