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Million Dollar App Ideas: How to Create One

An app is one of the most appealing technologies today. This is vital software that has been downloaded to your device and provides you with a valuable service. But that's beside the point right now. You've come for a much more serious cause. 

You see, today most people are concerned about not only creating an app, but they want to create one that makes them a millionaire. Sadly, we have a bunch of information on how to make an app, but not many on how to make a million dollar app! So, that’s why we’re here. 

Distinguished.io brings you the best tips on how to come up with million dollar app ideas that will entice the best investors to your project and generate the outcome when the project ends! 

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How to Create a Million Dollar App?

Do you want to make the next multimillion-dollar app? This article shares with you the key points that can help you in creating a million dollar app! 


This is one of the most important aspects of your app development. Ideation phase requires you and your team to brainstorm a bunch of silly and promising ideas regardless of how stupid they may seem. The whole point of the ideation phase is to bring out all the creativity and unique thinking you have left in you. 

There’s no harm in getting inspiration. You can certainly combine awesome features of successful apps and merge them together in order to create something even better. However, the ideation phase is never that easy. It will certainly take time, but don’t lose hope! 


The concept is more important than the entire game; it is the planning that is most important. On your journey to making your goal a reality, you will require a number of items. But, no matter how well-thought-out your strategy is, it will fail if you don't have a good idea.

It is not necessary to be a genius to come up with a million-dollar app idea. You must be informed of market developments as well as the general public's interests. It won't be simple, but with the right preparation and execution, you may be well on your way to creating a million-dollar idea.


The first thing to remember is that your success should be definite rather than sudden. Million-dollar app concepts don't just appear out of nowhere. They necessitate a thorough examination of human, societal, and market needs.

Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. Your invention should be something that will continue to be useful in the future until a more simple solution is developed. Consider this for a long time and conduct thorough study. Keep in mind that the more time you put into anything, the more likely it is to succeed!


You'll need a million-dollar app idea in order to create a million-dollar app. At first glance, you could believe that this concept should be based on current market demands.

This isn't the case at all!

Every month, the market shifts, and patterns shift as well. You must make long-term plans. Others will not think of anything that you are certain of for a long time.

Slow & Steady Does Not Win the Race

Most certainly not in this case! Everything you’ve thought about, there is someone out there with something even better than you. They probably even have more resources than you! So, are you just going to wait around? 

You can if you want to but all that determination and research will not be worth a million dollars, if someone has got a version of your idea into the market before you! 

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Million Dollar App Monetization Strategy

There are many ways to make a million-dollar app, but they only work if you have a solid monetization strategy in place. These can include the following:


Other businesses will pay you to place their ads on your app. Because these advertisements may irritate the user, you may implement a pay-to-remove-ads feature, like most apps do.

Apps containing pop-up adverts, on the other hand, are seen as unprofessional. You might want to provide the player the choice of watching an advertisement video in return for some stuff if you're building a gaming app. This is one of the top million-dollar app concepts out there.

Premium Features 

Another option, as previously noted, is to design a simple app with add-on functionality that can be purchased. This will increase the value of the premium version. This premium edition of your software will have more features.

You may offer a limited-time preview of the premium version to the user so that they are aware of what they are purchasing. According to business polls, this is the best marketing method. These are frequently seen in tool programs.

Pay to Get 

This will be a one-time purchase. Such apps are inexpensive, usually costing less than ten dollars. You'll make a good amount of money even if half a million people buy it, regardless of whether they like it or not.

However, the upkeep and maintenance of such programs will take a significant amount of money.

In-App Purchases

As the mobile gaming app sector pioneered and shown to the globe, in-app purchases are the most frequent technique of making money. While the basic software is free to use, several features require payment to utilize. 

For example, while the Fortnite app is free to download and play, the game does have a currency that can be used to acquire various weapons and other key devices that will help you perform better, and this currency is available through in-app purchases.

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The Development of Million Dollar Apps 

Okay, so now we know how you should go about when it comes to creating your million dollar app. Wait, we haven’t even gone into the development understanding of million dollar apps. What makes a million dollar app worth that kind of money? Of course, determination, secrecy, skill, and resources will come in handy in order to come up with a million dollar app idea. However, Is it enough to create a million dollar app? While it will refine your million dollar app idea, it won’t bring it to life. 

So, what should you do in the development phase of your app, to turn it into something worth a million dollars? Here are some tips to consider;

Define Your Niche 

In general, a million-dollar app can be one of three types: a game app, a tool app, or a social media app. Designing and executing all three is difficult, and attracting an audience is even more difficult.

Defining your niche helps you follow a concrete development process, marketing tactics, and everything in between. Therefore, once you know what niche is of your interest, proceed to the following tips to consider. 

Define Your Audience 

The first thing you should know is that your app should appeal to people of all ages. Apart from jokes, only a few individuals will be aware of your app at first, therefore design something that reflects the age aspect. 

You'll have users of various ages as a result of this. In case you do not want everyone to download the app, specify the audience so all of your tactics work towards attracting prospective users and not those that have the least interest in your type of app because that certainly would be a waste!  

Inspiration is a Must 

By this we don’t mean that you should go ahead and steal someone’s idea. Seeking inspiration has been given a negative image by people who don’t understand the actuality behind it. Inspiration does not necessarily mean you use someone’s idea.

The purpose of inspiration is to generate a unique idea, something different from what you got the inspiration from. 

Hire a Professional App Developer 

There are numerous mobile app deliverables, micro phases, intricacies, and procedures involved in the development process, some of which are beyond the scope of a single article. Therefore, we’re not going to throw you off with complex tips on frameworks and all the nitty gritty that goes on in the development process of a million dollar app. This is because we prefer ambitious app investors and entrepreneurs to hire a professional app developer that will handle everything.

Hiring a professional app development company is surely beneficial. They have the expertise and experience in creating apps in various niches. Additionally, you do not even have to go anywhere to search for an app developer. You know why? Well, because Distinguished.io has a list of the best app development companies in the world! 

Simply visit our list of app firms, find one that specializes in your niche, filter one out according to your budget and get started immediately! Don’t forget, slow and steady does not win the race! Get connected with the right app partner on our platform! 

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