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Mobile App Development Outsourcing: Should You Do It?

Apr 22, 22  |  Ibrahim Imran

If you have an app idea and are ready to share it with the world, but are not sure how to go about the whole app development process, well, this blog will surely be useful for you. Generally, when it comes to mobile app development, there are two ways you can go about it. Firstly, you can develop the application by an in-house team of application developers or hire a mobile app development outsourcing companies. Of course, when it comes to making such a decision it can be quite tricky. However, we’ll be covering everything there is for you to know regarding the benefits of mobile app development outsourcing and the disadvantages of outsourcing mobile app development. 

Why Outsource Mobile Application Development Project? 

As you may know, outsourcing is the business practice of obtaining services from a third party (an outside company) to perform certain functions for the business. These outsourcing companies tend to specialize in specific areas and finding one that can deliver professional outsourcing services according to your requirements is imperative. Hence, at Distinguished.io, you can connect with a handful of the best outsourcing companies from various industries with ease. 

Moving on, outsourcing can be quite helpful for a business because when you outsource a certain task, the need to worry about it lessens. Hence, businesses can focus more on the other various functions, responsibilities, and concerns within the organization. So, is outsourcing a mobile app development project a good idea? 

Well, some might argue in favor of  mobile app development outsourcing while others might do the opposite. Hence, in order to truly understand what the right answer is, we’re going to be looking into in-house development vs outsourcing mobile app development below. Ultimately, this will paint a clear picture of what the better choice may be. 

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In House Mobile App Development VS Outsourcing  

In-house development is the process in which a business uses its own resources in order to get a specific task done. Now, even though this may seem to be the right way to go about with any particular job to ensure it is done the right way, there are still a lot of organizations that prefer to hire mobile app development outsourcing companies. Let’s take a closer look into both options for mobile app development. 

Disadvantages of In House Application Development 

Since this is the process in which an organization uses what it has in order to develop an app, this might seem like an ideal situation. However, it really depends on how good the in-house team already is. If your company is planning for in-house app development, you surely must be aware of the few drawbacks. 

  1. First of all, in-house app development involves high setup costs. This means there will be a lot of costs to bear such as training, recruitment, licenses, infrastructure cost, and much more.
  2. If your team isn't experienced or lacks expertise, it surely can add to additional costs and time in the development project. 
  3. Finding the right mix of talent and mobile experience is very important but also time consuming.

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Benefits of In-House Development

When building an application, in-house gives you complete control over the project in terms of it’s scoop, technology, revisions, and much more. A few more benefits of in-house app development include;

  1. An internal team will always have a way better understanding of the project in terms of its goals, mission, and other important aspects. Also, the team will be well aware of the company itself in terms of policies. Hence, developers will surely go through the entire development process with more finesse. 
  2. Since the team is in one place, communication barriers do not exist. Hence, teams can work together on various aspects of the application development stage to ensure things work in sync smoothly. 
  3. In-house app development provides you with complete flexibility in terms of there being no limit when it comes to revisions, testings, etc. 

Disadvantages of Outsourcing Mobile App Development 

Handing the custom app development project to a reputable outsourcing firm is no doubt a smart decision. If you want to create an app while also saving time and resources, mobile app development outsourcing is the right choice. For companies who don't have the time or resources to create an in-house team, outsourcing application development services to a professional agency is the best option. However, there are still a few drawbacks to consider;

  1. You won’t have complete control over the app development process. Hence, you will have to rely on the outsourcing company’s level of expertise and experience. 
  2. You have to make sure you know how to outsource mobile app development services the right way. This means hiring the right mobile app development outsourcing companies is imperative to ensure the outsource mobile app developer understands your organization's vision, ethics, goals, and policies.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development 

Outsourcing can be a more cost-effective and risk-free approach for app development. There are more reasons to outsource custom app development services and we have mentioned them below.

  1. By outsourcing custom app development services you have to only focus on spending a fixed amount of money at the completion of the mobile app project. This means you do not have to worry about things going out of budget. 
  2. Outsourcing mobile app development companies have sound knowledge regarding the latest technology, app software, and much more. Hence, are much more capable in creating excellent applications as compared to in-house developers. 
  3. The best outsourcing company for mobile app development will always ensure to provide you with mobile app development services from scratch which means they will help you with ideation and stick till the completion of the project. 
  4. Outsourcing mobile app development services helps you overcome challenges that may occur moving on. 

How to Outsource Your Mobile App Development 

If you are wondering how to outsource app development services, well, this short guide will surely help you. 

Define Your Goals

When it comes to app development, you need to be crystal clear regarding what type of application you want. You should be fully aware of who the target audience is and how you hope to make the most out of the application you wish to develop in terms of download success and recognition. By knowing what you want and expect from custom app development, you can match your needs with the best outsourcing companies for mobile app development services at Distinguished.io.

Set Your Budget 

You should be clear about your budget. Ultimately, this will assist you in hiring an outsourcing mobile app development company according to your budget. 

What to Consider when Hiring an Outsourcing Mobile App Development Company?

Many organizations have outsourced mobile apps development and we’ve already covered the reasons for why they do this. However, many organizations make simple mistakes which lead to their application project to not go as planned or even fail within the app development process. Hence, here are a few things to consider when hiring an outsourcing custom app development company. 

Portfolio Analysis

A portfolio consists of all the notable projects an outsourcing company has delivered in its years of experience. Hence, you can view what they have done and see how their work indicates whether or not they are perfect for your application’s requirements. 

Client Reviews 

You should always check out for reviews so that you know what the outsourcing company truly has to offer in terms of skills, experience, expertise, and professionalism. Client reviews will also give you a clear idea into the strengths and weaknesses of the outsourcing company. 

Case Studies 

One of the best ways to truly understand the potential of an outsourcing company is to conduct a case study. However, this may be difficult and time consuming for most people. Hence, at Distinguished.io, case studies is an important part of the research process when listing the best outsourcing companies for mobile app development. 

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Cost to Outsource App Development

Generally, the average cost of outsourcing mobile app development may be around $20-$55/hourly. However, there are a lot of factors that influence the cost of outsourcing mobile app development such as the app itself. A complicated and complex application such as Uber along with the custom features it has would cost you around $67,000 and $150,00. Other factors that influence the cost of outsourcing mobile app development is the outsourcing company itself (experience, expertise, team size, pricing strategies), the platform you choose (android, ios), and the duration of the project.

Mobile App Development Outsourcing Risks & Solutions

We've mentioned the risks involved in outsourcing custom app development services already. However, we know you might be wondering how one can outsource mobile app development projects without having to bear the risks. Below, we have mentioned a few points of the most common risks involved in outsourcing mobile app development and then we have further noted how to prevent them from occurring. 

  • Risk1: Hiring an Inexperienced company can lead to delay
  • Risk2: A scope creep can ruin the project entirely 
  • Risk3: Communication Barriers 
  • Risk4: Continuous maintenance and update fees

Solutions to Mobile App Development Risks

  • Now, in order to make sure you do not face these issues, it is important to hire a professional and experienced mobile apps development outsourcing company for your project.
  • Secondly, you must make sure the the outsourcing company that you have hired is well-aware of the ethics, policies, and other important aspects of the organization before the start of the project.
  • You can utilize that time to get a robust understanding regarding additional costs involved to stay well-prepared beforehand and even figure out ways to move around those additional costs.
  • Lastly, make sure the team you hire takes communication and reporting seriously.

Ultimately, this will help your application project to turn out great in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and much more which will surely lead to the application's success! 

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