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Best 5 Free Platforms to Build Apps Without Coding - A Short Guide

Nov 21, 2022  |  Bakhtain Afzal

People can have different ideas about what it means to "code." If you don't like technology, you might think that coding is a magic language that only smart nerds use to talk to computers. On the other hand, coding might be your life if you are a passionate developer. 

Since the recent pandemic, coding has become an essential skill, and developers are now in high demand in the job market. 

If you know about app development, you can easily develop an app for your business. But what if you have zero experience in app development and also have a tight budget for getting an app developed by a top mobile app development company? Don't let the thought of coding being complex slow down the growth of your business. You can now make mobile apps without having to know how to code.

In this article, we'll look at 5 free platforms that allow mobile app development without coding.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the process of making software programs that can run on a mobile device. A typical mobile application uses a network connection to access computing resources located elsewhere. You can avail mobile app development services from top app development companies.

The mobile development process involves the following:

  • Making software bundles that can be installed (code, binaries, assets, etc.)
  • Setting up backend services like data access with an API
  • Testing the app on a device it will be used on

Reasons Why Your Business Needs an App

The world is changing, and business solutions are increasingly based on technology. If you don't put time and money into making your business more technologically advanced, your business will most likely be out of date in a few years.

Businesses no longer only try to improve revenue flow and conversion and retention rates. Companies worldwide are working toward the same goal: 

Giving their customers a fantastic experience.

So, you want to stay relevant in a market that is becoming more competitive and evolving to give users better experiences. In that case, you should invest in mobile app development. Small businesses and large companies can benefit from having an iOS or Android app developed for their needs.

Here's how making a mobile app for your business will help it grow:

Increases Brand Visibility

Your mobile app can represent your brand well if it has an exemplary user interface that shows what it stands for. If you customize your app just right, it will help people remember your brand and show your audience what your brand stands for. You may also utilize your iOS or Android app to promote your company using digital media tactics.

Better User Engagement

The number of apps available on Google Play Store grows daily and for a good reason. People are almost always on their phones, so businesses need apps to keep their customers interested. If your app is simple and doesn't have a lot of extra features, it will be easier for people to use, and they will spend more time with your business.

Increases Retention Rates

You can attract more customers who stick with you by giving them rewards that are easy to manage from your mobile app. If you build your app around what your customers want, they can also learn about your newest products, services, and deals.

A More Effective Marketing Medium

Mobile apps don't just help you stay connected to your customers. Instead, they also give you a free way to market them. This is in addition to banner ads and campaigns that increase brand awareness. Using beacon technology, you can send push notifications about the right products to the right individuals at the right time.

Communication with Stakeholders

App development software is one of the best things that has happened to organizations in the twenty-first century. Whether you make an app yourself for free or hire a tech partner to build one from scratch, both ways, you cut out the need for intermediaries between your business and your users.

Your business can stay in touch with all its customers, investors, employees, and vendors through a single point of contact. That is, a mobile app that is easy to use and navigate.

Can You Build Mobile Apps Without Coding?

You don't always need mobile app development firms to develop an app for your business. Instead, app development doesn't require you to know how to code. You only need to find the right app builder for what you want to do. Then, you must learn how to use that platform, add your features, and make the app look and feel like your brand. 

5 Free Platforms to Build Your App

If you're someone who has zero experience in coding and app development then for you, coding, by the name of it, must sound frustrating. But don't worry; technological advancements have also made this more accessible and that is by introducing app development without coding. To help you with that part, here's a list of the 5 best free platforms that help you with app development without coding.


Many experts say Bubble is one of the best apps that don't require you to write code. Joshua Haas started Bubble.io in 2012, and Fast Company named it one of 2021's Most Innovative Small and Mighty Companies. This platform for making apps without writing code lets you design, build, host, and scale apps without writing any code.

Bubble is a top choice for potential customers because of its security, user interface, and growing ability. Bubble is a powerful tool for making software because it has many parts that can be changed.


AppsGeyser could answer your question about how to make an app for free. It's a free platform for creating apps that don't require you to know how to code and lets you use different templates to design and test your app. But they don't let you post your app to the Google Play Store.


If the price of making an app is too high for your budget, you can use Andromo, one of the most popular platforms to make Android apps. Andromo facilitates the process of app development without coding. Once you make an Andromo project, improve it by adding text and images, and then hit the submit button.

Andromo is a powerful development platform for people who want to make apps without writing code. 

However, it does have a few problems. One of the biggest problems with Andromo is that you need help seeing the final look of your app while you're in the process of making it. Instead, you are required to wait for an email from the app's developers when it is complete. Unfortunately, you can't put an app made with Andromo on Google Play Store either.

Appy Pie 

Appy Pie is a hybrid no-coding software that you should consider if you have zero experience with coding, but look forward to building an app and hosting it on the cloud. This development platform lets you make apps for Windows, iOS, and Android, and then you can run them from Google Play or iTunes.

The ability to drag and drop themes and layouts is one of the best things about using Appy Pie. You can also use features like push notifications, real-time analytics and reports, and ad generation features. Appy Pie has reliable support. But their poor documentation and tutorial videos have been known to make users frustrated.


AppMakr is a dream come true for tech-savvy business owners. Especially if you want to make a mobile app without knowing how to code. It runs on the cloud and doesn't limit how many apps you can make or how many updates you can add to the apps you've already made.

In terms of features, AppMakr again defies expectations by giving you access to a wide range of tools, such as galleries, push notifications, live updates, tools for streaming music and videos, and Google Maps integrations, among many others.

Also, you can manage and keep an eye on all the free apps you've made from a single dashboard.

But read the fine print! Despite it being recognized as one of the most dependable free app makers, you will be required to pay a one-time fee in order to publish your completed app through AppMakr.

What Are the Best Free No Code App Builders?


Stacker is a web app builder allows app development without coding. You can use it to make all kinds of useful apps that use your data. Since Stacker is very flexible, users can build all kinds of apps, like portals, budget trackers, CRMs, internal tools, resource directories, project management tools, and much more. All of this is possible without the need to write code.


Webflow is a platform that allows users to design websites without having to write any code. The sophisticated design tool that Webflow offers will enable you to construct your website graphically and in real time. You can add buttons, photos, animations, and much more. However, compared to other website builders, it has a more demanding learning curve since users are often expected to have a fundamental understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In addition, Webflow has a content management system (CMS), tools for online stores (eCommerce), and a wide variety of search engine optimization (SEO) settings. 

In conclusion, although Webflow does allow you to construct some fundamental web applications, you will almost always need the assistance of a third-party tool to develop anything with a greater degree of functionality.


Bubble is a platform for building apps like CRMs, marketplaces, and media without writing code. It has a drag-and-drop design editor that lets users develop layouts and make dynamic content. It also has a marketplace with templates and plugins.

Bubble gives you more control over a design during the no-code app development process, but you also need to know more about design, especially for building responsive pages.


Thunkable is a platform that lets people build native mobile apps without needing to know how to code. Logic blocks and a drag-and-drop interface design canvas make it possible to make different kinds of mobile apps. With Thunkable, users can make an app that will be available on both the Play Store and the App Store. This is possible because, in the background, Thunkable meets the requirements of both the App Store and Google Play.

Is It Hard to Make an App?

Releasing a successful app is challenging, and it isn't for those who are easily discouraged. Selecting a few app concepts will prevail even though most app ideas fail to reach the final success stage. You, too, have the opportunity to join that exclusive group. The most important thing is to educate yourself on what it takes to develop an app and get yourself ready for the adventure. But, if it ever feels too much to put your energy in, there are hundreds of mobile app development companies that can do this part for you.

Final Note 

You need to develop applications for your company if you want to succeed in today's fast-paced environment, which is also seeing rapid technological advancements. However, to construct mobile applications, you don't need professional coding abilities. You may develop an app for free by utilizing any of the free platforms that allow mobile app development without coding as mentioned earlier in this article.

By now, you have an idea about how important a mobile application can be for a business. And, if you're a business owner who looks forward to getting a mobile application developed for their business, it's crucial to find the best mobile app development company that can do this for you. Furthermore, finding the top mobile app development firm is another exhausting task. To save you some time and effort, Distinguished can help you find several mobile app development companies that can develop the best mobile application for your business, grow your business, and head over to Distinguished today! 

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