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Mobile ERP Benefits: How Enterprises Should Adopt It?

Nov 08, 22  |  Admin

World is shifting towards a mobile-first approach. Businesses are cutting their expenses, reducing the amount of hardware that they use on a regular basis, and focusing on 

Mobile strategies are beginning to take form in the small-to-medium business ERP space. While mobile devices like laptops, PDAs, and tablets made it possible to work on the road, now workers can use their ERP applications on their mobile devices to take advantage of business capabilities and insights.

What is ERP? Why are Mobile ERPs Necessary?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software that allows organizations to manage day-to-day tasks such as accounting, finance, procurement, logistics, supply chain, sales and marketing. 

Modern ERP software include performance management, analysis, and visualization features that give the C-level executives of an organization a single-window view of what is happening in different departments.

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Top Reasons to Use Mobile ERPs 

Mobile ERPs are mobile applications that organizational employees can use on their smartphones, tablets, and even laptops and update work on a ad hoc basis. Since ERPs are developed to manage multiple teams, department heads and employees can closely coordinate business activities with mobile ERP systems.

A few reasons mobile ERPs are better for your organization include:

  • Better business insight with real-time information 
  • Cheaper operational costs with better coordination, analysis, and better operational practices
  • Improved business collaboration, data sharing, requisitions, and purchase orders
  • Enhanced business efficiency with better user experience, easier business function management, clear and well-defined processes
  • Quality output, and ad hoc changes in workflow 
  • Improved data integrity and prompt financial controls
  • Uniform and integrated systems 

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Benefits of Using Mobile ERPs

These mobile ERP systems enable businesses to benefit from higher service quality, more productivity, closer business connections, a competitive edge, and more precise data capture:

  1. Better Data Management & Workflow: The first and the most obvious reason for using mobile ERPs is better data management and workflow. 
  2. Quality Control: How can employers and business leaders keep a track of their teams? Using ERP suites is the best way to know how the teams are progressing, what bottlenecks they have, and how to solve them. Business leaders ensure that business processes are running at all times with the right infrastructure.
  3. Improved Business Functions: Business processes and ERP systems go hand in hand. An organization can’t follow business processes if it doesn’t have an ERP system in place with the right resources. 
  4. Lower Costs: ERP systems remove unnecessary hardware and redundant infrastructure that was costing companies more money. It ensures that organizational leaders make better decisions through proper resource planning and data visualizations.
  5. Enhanced Forecasts: Business leaders want to see all data in a visualized format because that is the only way they can make better decisions for their organizations. ERP systems combined with data visualization software like Power BI can ensure that business leaders get what they need for better decision making. These ERPs system reduce data integration and management problems by consolidating all data on a single data warehouse.
  6. Greater Business Efficiency: Efficiency is the core focus of any business unit. ERPs allow leaders to set proper deadlines for every task that is created for their employee. It ensures enhanced tracking, accountability, and accurate data reporting. All this results in better business growth and improved efficiency.
  7. Accuracy & Precision: Since ERP tools keep a log of every data set reported on the software, it ensures accuracy in data analysis and tracking. Business analysts and ERP developers can use this data to create precise reports for business unit heads. 
  8. Business Mobility: One of the greatest advantages of using mobile ERP systems is their mobility. Since these software are now available on your smartphones or tablet PCs, your employees can use them from anywhere. They don’t have to plug-in their devices to report on new commencements, they can do it while on the go. This is an evolution from the previous ERP systems that were in place and needed to be logged from different computer systems.

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Mobile ERPs have made it easier for organizations to manage their data, keep control over business activities, improve efficiencies, and find hindrances through a single-window view aka SIngle Source of Truth (SSOT).

Mobile ERPs allow your workers to take advantage of the functionalities and the mobility available to them. They can now use ERP applications anywhere and are not limited to office-use. 

Mobility will only grow more popular in the workplace, and enterprises should select a system that can expand with their business while also being capable of being flexible in integrating with new technological solutions.

Want a Mobile ERP Solution for Your Business?

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Whether you want to develop a mobile ERP software for business, or need to develop a new module within your ERP system, these ERP solution experts are the best for the job. 

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