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Apr 12, 22  |  Ashar Ali

Pre ICO Marketing Tips For Blockchain Startups

In order to get money for your project, you can sell digital assets that use the blockchain. This is called an initial coin offering (ICO).

Imagine that you have a great idea for a new Pre ICO Marketing Tips For Blockchain Startups. Is this something you want to do? You could build the first decentralized computer on the blockchain, which could be used to make native digital assets and build decentralized apps. Users of the network will use tokens, which are digital assets made with your blockchain. Tokens can be used to buy and sell things (and the nifty decentralized applications you can build on top).

A good idea, I think. But, like any new business, you need to get money first.

To start a traditional business, you can either: find private investors, pitch a venture capital fund (or a hundred of them, most likely), or use a crowdfunding platform to try to raise money from people who want to help you.

It's also possible to raise money for your Pre ICO Marketing Tips For Blockchain Startups by selling the tokens that you'll need to run the network. Why not do this? As the network grows, which means that the tokens become more popular, their value will rise, which will reward people who buy them. ICOs are ways to raise money.

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