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Pushwoosh vs Firebase: Understanding Both in Detail 

Nov 24, 2021  |  Ibrahim Imran

Pushwoosh vs Firebase, which one is better? Well, if you really want to find out, this blog provides you with all the information you need to find out your answer. 

To send push notifications, organizations and individuals all around the world use several hosting providers. A business must reach out to consumers through numerous platforms in order to thrive, and hosting services are utilized to run these apps. Pushwoosh and Firebase are two of the most popular push-notification services available today.

These two platforms have been proven to be reliable, and businesses all around the world use them. While both programs have some capabilities in common, there are key differences that set them apart and lead to the debate between Pushwoosh and Firebase. A thorough examination of both tools will help you decide which one is best for you.

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Understanding Firebase 

Firebase is a good example of a Backend as a Service (BaaS) service because it has a powerful real-time backend and unique API features.

Firebase is likely one of the most popular technologies among businesses, with various tools for constructing web and mobile applications. Firebase hosting not only makes the app exceptionally quick, but it also keeps it secure. Individuals find it a convenient tool to develop apps with because of its simple interface.

Firebase also eliminates the need for server administration and API development. The platform includes image-based cloud storage as well as access to Google Cloud Storage for developers.

Core Features of Firebase 

The majority of enterprises use Firebase to create successful apps. This important platform has a number of qualities that contribute to its widespread use. Take a look at these examples:

Real-Time Database

The term "real-time database" refers to a type of NoSQL cloud database that allows for easy data syncing and real-time storage. The database can be accessed even while the application is not running. A Real-time database also collects and saves the essential data in JSON format, as well as synchronizes it across all clients.


Individuals can use Firebase to deliver free notifications across several platforms. The notification messages are fully connected with Google Analytics, allowing the user to track conversions and view extensive interaction statistics. It also doesn't require any coding to monitor its success from a single dashboard. For the user's convenience, the notifications are displayed on the smartphone.


Firebase Authentication is a token-based authorization mechanism that can be described as complete. This allows for easy interaction with popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

Benefits of Firebase 

Take a look at the benefits firebase has to offer down below. 

Database with Scalability

Firebase's users can scale data and optimize performance with the help of a real-time database. Database sharing is the process of dividing data among many Realtime Database instances.

Service of Free Notification

Firebase Cloud Messaging is a free service that allows you to deliver notifications across many platforms (FCM). FCM establishes a secure and energy-efficient communication between the devices and the server. The messages are delivered and received free of charge.

Backed by Google

Firebase is backed up by Google cloud. This function allows the user to scale the app to millions of users all over the world.

As a result, this Google-backed solution is favored by both startups and large corporations, and it is one of the most compelling arguments in the Pushwoosh vs Firebase debate.

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Understanding Pushwoosh 

The power of push notifications comes from the fact that they can reach millions of users at once. Users do not have to be on the app at the time of the push notification to get it.

Pushwoosh is a push notification and marketing service software that allows users to create effective cross-channel platforms. Pushwoosh services are used by companies all around the world to get their apps in front of people.

When you use Pushwoosh's services, you're increasing your client engagement by a factor of ten. Pushwoosh is trusted by many prominent businesses across the world for in-app messaging, automated push alerts, and email campaigns. It has been proven that using push notifications to communicate enhances not just your conversion rate but also your revenue.

Core Features of Pushwoosh 

Pushwoosh has a number of unique characteristics that make it a reliable platform for large corporations all over the world. The following are some of its key features:


Pushwoosh ensures that the message reaches the user's device in a timely and hassle-free manner. The user's geography and activity are mostly used to determine delivery. There are a number of other user-level activities that not only improve communication by making it more relevant, but also save time and effort for the firm.


Customers always desire individualized service, which Pushwoosh services provide. Pushwoosh correctly targets cross-channel campaigns with diverse templates, content, and segmentation.


What could be a more attractive offer for a company to engage its customers across all modes of communication? Users can receive push alerts in both in-app messaging and Facebook Messenger using Pushwoosh. When you have access to the majority of communication channels, your efficiency naturally rises.

Benefits of Pushwoosh

Not only can push notifications enhance conversions, but they also promote purchase and user retention. Some of the advantages of using Pushwoosh are as follows:

Retention of Customers

Customers are more likely to utilize the app and make more purchases when targeted messages are sent to them. Even if there is a small margin of increased customer retention, the profit skyrockets.


Push notifications must be more relevant and tailored in order to interact with people. You can now send a chain of push notifications based on the user's individual behaviors using Pushwoosh.


When you segment your clients based on numerous characteristics, providing push notifications increases the conversion rate significantly. The business house invariably makes a profit because the content has an impact on the user.


You can get to a conclusion on the Pushwoosh versus Firebase argument after thoroughly studying the above-mentioned aspects.

Pushwoosh is a fantastic platform for client engagement. It's for non-techies, with high-level segmentation/personalization and a monthly price of $49.95.

Google's Firebase is an end-to-end programming platform. It's created for developers, has a lot of features, and it's completely free to use.

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