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Staking Crypto: A Way to Recover Your Funds in Bear Market

Dec 12, 22  |  Bakhtain Afzal

Who doesn't want a steady flow of cash without having to do a lot for it? Through passive income, that's a possibility that you can now take advantage of. And this method of generating a passive income is gaining more popularity than ever.

You might be thinking “is staking a scam?” or can you lose money by staking crypto. Let’s clear this out, no, it's not. Let's make it simpler. Compare this to depositing money into a high-interest savings account, but with cryptocurrency. When you put money into a savings account, the bank usually uses that money to give loans to other customers. In exchange for keeping your money in the bank, you will get a very small share of the interest generated through lending. Overall, that's a very simplified brief of staking crypto and you've a brief answer to can you lose money staking crypto. To know further about what crypto staking is, how to make money staking crypto, here's a comprehensive article that answers all your questions.

What Does Staking Crypto Mean?

Staking digital assets involves locking up coins to take part in the operation of the blockchain and ensure its continued security. In return, you'll get percentage-based benefits. These rates of return are substantially greater than those provided by traditional financial institutions. Hence, that's where we clear the air out for “is staking a scam and can you lose money by staking crypto”? 

Now, before crypto staking, there were other investment and staking methods. These were through traditional means that involved long procedures that are opposite to the advanced crypto staking concept. But, that raises the question of “can you lose money staking crypto.” For that, we’ll be comparing staking vs dividends to give you a better understanding of “is staking safe” or "is staking a scam"?

Staking Crypto Earn Passive Income Daily

Staking vs Dividends 

While we speak of crypto staking, a concept that comes with the rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), the traditional method of it, stock dividends exist, and they've their advantages too. 

To give you a brief overview of staking vs. dividends, here's a short comparison between staking vs dividends


For individuals with sizable holdings, staking can be very profitable, yet, it is not without its share of risk but staking isn't a scam and that answers your question of "is staking a scam?". Coins are occasionally held in escrow for a certain period, much like a term deposit. Suppose the cryptocurrency is removed from the staking platform before the conclusion of the staking term. In that case, you don’t always get the benefits.

During extreme market volatility, when investors cannot prevent losses by taking action, this might be a problem. Stablecoins tied to fiat currencies might be used as collateral.


Stock dividends are the second major kind of dividend payment. As they are distributed in the form of shares rather than cash, they have no impact on the company's bottom line. Instead, they lower the value of each claim.

Scrip and property (SP) dividends are less typical but still possible for certain corporations. When a firm lacks the funds to make cash dividend payments to its shareholders, it may issue scrip dividends instead. The scrip dividend is a commitment to pay in the future. Companies may also distribute dividends as "property," an item with a near-market value other than cash or shares.

Now that you know about staking vs dividends, let's move on to what crypto staking is 

How Does Crypto Staking Work?

To identify trustworthy members and validate newly added blocks of data, some blockchains utilize a consensus process called proof-of-stake (PoS), which makes staking feasible.

It discourages dishonest behavior in the network by making it costly for validators, often called "stakers," to acquire and hold a certain number of tokens. If criminal behavior affects the blockchain in any way, the value of the native token connected with it would certainly fall.

The validator's "skin in the game" ensures they'll be fair and look out for the greater interest of the network. The promise of payments in the local currency incentivizes validators. If they have a larger stake, they have a better probability of proposing a new block and receiving the associated incentives. After all, having a stake in the outcome makes you more trustworthy.

The stake might consist of more than just one person's money. In most cases, validators manage a staking pool and collect cash from a group of token holders by delegating (acting on behalf of others), making it easier for more people to take part in staking by decreasing the barrier to entry. By entrusting their coins to stake pool administrators, any holder may participate in the staking process and earn rewards for helping verify blockchain transactions. This is by staking crypto earn passive income daily.

What is Proof of Stake (PoS)?

This newer consensus mechanism comes with the concept of increased efficiency and speed with lowered fees. Proof of Stake (PoS) lowers the cost by reducing the energy miners have to put in to solve math problems. 

List of Cryptocurrencies You Can Stake

Now that you know how to make money staking crypto, crypto staking is only possible through cryptocurrencies linked with blockchain that use the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Here's a list of cryptocurrencies that you can stake: 

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Solana (SOL)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Avalanche (AVAX)

How to Stake Crypto

You need stakeable digital assets before you can begin staking and start staking crypto earn passive income daily. If you already have any, you may start staking by moving the coins from the exchange or app where you purchased them.

Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken are just a few larger cryptocurrency exchanges that provide staking options on their platform.

You might use a platform that discovers the best possible returns to get the most out of your digital assets. A few examples of such staking-as-a-service platforms that help you with how to make money staking are:

  • Coinbase 
  • Binance 
  • BitStamp 
  • MyCointainer 
  • Stake.Fish
  •  Crypto.com

It's important to remember that you still own the coins you assign to a staking pool. If you stake assets, you may always withdraw them, although there may be a delay (in days or weeks) depending on the blockchain.

You may also become a validator and manage your staking pool. There must be a lot more time, effort, and resources devoted to this. Furthermore, to become a validator on certain blockchains, you must collect enough coins from delegate stakers to get started. Hence, that’s an overview of how to make money staking crypto. 

What Are the Advantages of Staking Crypto?

Generally, most people get the thought, "is staking scam" can you lose money staking crypto? To dissolve those thoughts, here are the advantages of staking crypto that will help you get on with the process of how to make money staking crypto:

  • Generation of passive income over a low entry 
  • It's an easy method of generating an income 
  • Staking crypto is energy-efficient 
  • It comes with a lower risk compared to trading  

Staking vs Mining: What Stands the Both Apart?

When it comes to staking vs mining, let's focus on the most basic difference here that keeps staking vs mining apart. And the primary difference between staking vs mining is the algorithms. This algorithm is used to include other new blocks in the blockchain and validate transactions. 

Is Staking Crypto Better Than Investing?

Earning extra cryptocurrency is the main advantage of staking, and interest rates may be rather high. There are situations when you can make more than 10% or 20% annually and that’s where your question of how to make money staking crypto gets cleared out. This staking strategy has the potential to provide high returns. And all you need is a proof-of-stake cryptosystem.

You may help the blockchain of a cryptocurrency you own by staking it. Transactions in these cryptocurrencies need to be staked by their holders to be verified and for the system to function normally.

Can You Lose Money By Staking Crypto?

Bitcoin staking provides profits that surpass what you may earn in a savings account, lowering the chances of your question, "can you lose money staking crypto." and "is staking crypto safe". Staking, however, is not without peril. Payouts will be made in cryptocurrency, a highly speculative asset. Sometimes, you have to lock up your crypto for a particular length of time. And there is a danger that you may lose part of the cryptocurrency you've staked as a punishment if the system doesn't perform as intended.

Staking, on the other hand, increases the value of crypto assets you want to keep for the long term. When compared to Bitcoin's and certain other cryptocurrencies' mining processes, staking is more environmentally friendly. Hence, the doubt of can you lose money by staking crypto is cleared out. This remains a safer option to earn a passive income from your digital assets and you now have an answer to "is staking safe" as well. 

What Are Staking Rewards?

You stake a percentage of your crypto assets in a staking pool for a certain period, a word taken from the idea of "placing something at risk," in this instance, coins or tokens.

For the same reason that people gain interest in savings in the real world, cryptocurrency users place their coins "at stake" in a stake pool inside a network to earn a portion of the staking rewards granted to the collection.

Some blockchains have coins or tokens for staking rewards and the blockchain's internal operations. In contrast, others use the network's native coins or tokens to pay out stake rewards.

Is Coin Staking Profitable?

Long-term investors not concerned with daily price swings may benefit from staking their assets. Rewards might be impacted by fees as well. Overall percentage returns are affected by staking pools' costs taken out of payouts. There is a wide range of this from one collection to the next and from one blockchain to the next.

You may earn the most rewards by joining a staking pool with a solid reputation for successfully validating many blocks and charging minimal commission costs. The latter also lessens the possibility of the collection being punished or barred from further certification.
>>> Staking Crypto Earn Passive Income Daily

Is Staking Crypto Safe?

Even though during the staking period, when the funds are known to be locked, they could be safer. While crypto hacking is a concern for the whole business, staking faces two potentially more devastating threats: slicing and fines. And that's where you get your answer to "is staking crypto safe." In addition to that, staking money is not risky, but it's not always safe as well. And that's why it's better believed that one should only stake money that one can afford to lose. 


Which Crypto Is Best for Staking?

Here are the best cryptos to stake: 

  • Avalanche (AVAX)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Solana (SOL)
  • Polygon (MATIC)

Can You Get Rich Staking Crypto?

Staking crypto is profitable, and you can generate quite an income. You must acquire and keep some coins and contribute them to the mining pool. The earnings you make, which normally occur in transaction fees, will vary on how much you risk and how long you do it. 

How Are Staking Rewards Paid?

Once you start staking crypto and get chosen for transaction validation, you get crypto rewards. These crypto rewards are a "reward" for your holdings that validate the accuracy in the blockchain network.

Final Note

After the first deposit, one may generate a passive income by "staking" cryptocurrency, which does not need any more work daily. And even though staking could be a suitable option for certain cryptocurrency owners, there are a lot of alternative methods to get passive income. It may be beneficial to investigate some of those choices further as well.

Other prominent types of passive income include interest on bonds, dividends from stock holdings, and income from real estate, and you read about most of that in staking vs dividends. There are more methods for earning cryptocurrency that do not need staking, such as participating in lending programs or using decentralized finance (DeFi) services. 

But, all these digital assets rely on blockchain technology, giving positive direction to is staking crypto safe, moreover, it also leads to the rising scope of blockchain development. And we at Distinguished make finding the best blockchain development agency easier for you. As a B2B service provider, we have a list of blockchain development agencies. We make sure you avail of the best services from a top blockchain development agency for your business. Head over to Distinguished and grow your business today. 

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