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System Web Mvc 5.2: A Short Guide

Oct 26, 22  |  Raza Mehmood

Microsoft's ASP.NET development framework is well-known for its ability to create websites and web pages using HTML, JavaScript, server scripting, and CSS. This framework is based on three programming models: online forms, web pages, and MVC (Model View Controller), with the MVC model being the most popular.

MVC Information

The MVC framework or a development model uses the Model-View-Controller pattern to create web applications. The Model represents the application's core, the view displays data, and the controller controls the input to the database.

The finest element of this design is the ease with which complicated applications may be managed and implemented by focusing individual attention on these three parts, with minimal dependency on each other. Given developers' ingenuity level, such focus on the three criteria will only benefit them. This enables work to be divided across several development groups while still providing a safe, integrated, and lightweight framework with the characteristics of traditional ones.

MVC Framework Fundamentals

This framework's success stems from various aspects, a few of which are described below:

  • The split of application duties into several logic layers allows developers to manage the whole development process conveniently.
  • Users may plug in independent view engines to a customizable framework.
  • It showcases various unique framework features such as URL and form authentication, roles, memberships, and others.
  • There are ASP.NET routing tools available that enable you to generate searchable URLs for your website.

The New ASP.NET MVC 5.2

The newest version of ASP.NET MVC 5.2 has been launched with a number of new features and changes, including significant improvements in attribute routing.

Attribute Routing Improvements

The update includes IDirectRouteProvider, an expansion point that provides full control over the discovery and set of attribute routes. It contains a list of controllers and actions, the specific routing setup for the actions, and the accompanying route information. An extension of the default implementation, DefaultDirectRouteProvider, makes it simple to alter the IDirectRouteProvider. This class provides separate virtual methods that may be modified to adjust the logic for generating route entries and finding area prefixes, route prefixes, and attributes.

The new attribute routing functionality enables users to do the following:

  • Allow for the inheritance of attribute routes.
  • Generate route names for attribute routes automatically.
  • Route prefixes may be changed in a single location before they are put to the route database.
  • Controller filtering, which must be sought via attribute routing.

Along with the upgrades mentioned above, this new edition includes bug corrections and small updates to different features from the previous version. As a result, it is one update worth anticipating.

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