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Sep 20, 21  |  

Top Free Apps Like Addchat for Android and iOS 2022

In today’s world, everybody is occupied with busy schedules. People are finding new ways to entertain their selves. As we know, humans are social animals. They love socializing more rather than any other work. 

As the digital world is evolving. Many socializing apps have been developed with more enhanced features and are user-friendly. 

One of the famous socializing apps is addchat. Addchat is a chatting application to make random friends and chat with them from around the world in real-time. Did you get bored? Would you like some fun? Addchat can therefore be a good option for you, add new people and talking to them. You can share your pictures and videos with the people you are in contact with within this application.

If you don’t want to use Addchat. You can find many other apps like addchat on android and iOS. 

Top Apps Like Addchat for Android and iOS

There are many apps for socializing. You can select one according to your preference and needs. Few of the apps are listed below that are like Addchat and completely free on android and on iOS:

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FriendsChat app lets you log in to chat with new friends from around the globe using their Facebook profiles. Users can translate messages in their native tongue from new friends and send messages in their native tongue.

It has an easy-to-use interface with buttons so that you have access to the nearby sections of chat, notifications, profiles, and new friends. The app includes features that allow users to record audio files for new friends or to send multimedia files as attachments.

On FriendChat, you can make friends, Meet me offers, and matching options allowing users to swipe to the right to send requests or to skip a profile by swiping to the left side.

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Discord is one of the apps like Addchat, where the community and friends are able to make a home. Where you can stay connected on text, voice call, and video call while playing. Whether you belong to a school club, a gaming group, a worldwide art community, or a group of few friends, Discord makes it easy to talk and to spend time together more often every day.

Discord servers are organized into thematic channels to work with, share, and talk about your day without blocking group chat.


You can create groups and add users with the same mind to share ideas and learn from them. Quack: Make Real Friends application enables users to vote on the tracks of their old friends. To view current online friends, you can access the chat section.

It features IRL vibes with an integrated BFF meter to demonstrate the level of friendship with the new friend. Quack: Make new friends and have a fun app that allows users to view foreign profiles before they send messages to new friends.

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You can make connections with friends, family, and even millions or dozens of people on Facebook. You can view your favorite content, buy or sell items, communicate with your community privately, or just spend time.

Share your thoughts or post important life events and celebrate with stories every day. Learn about all kinds of events, local groups, supporting companies, and local activities. Find all types of content, from original shows to creators to videos, including sports, beauty, information, and entertainment.


Facebook's WhatsApp is a FREE video, messaging, and call application. It is used in more than 180 countries by over 2B people. It is simple, reliable, and private, so you can keep your friends and family in touch with each other easily. Without subscription fees, WhatsApp works on mobile and desktop even in slow connections.

Your personal and family messages and calls are encrypted end-to-end. Nobody can read or listen to them outside your chats, not even WhatsApp.

Share your location with people in your group or individual chat and always stop sharing. Or capture a voice message to quickly connect.

The status feature allows you, after 24 hours, to sharing text and photos, video, and GIF updates. All contacts or just selected contacts can be shared with status posts.

Chat Hour: Meet New People

Chat Hour – Meet New People App offers users features that help to create a new account by chatting with local and international users according to their relationship requirements. To view chat history with strangers, you can save all your recently sent messages.

You can select the chat room you want online to chat live with strangers to meet your requirements. Chat Hour – The app allows users in every chat room to view the total number of participants. You can also call your chat mate and show your native country's age, gender and flags.

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Monkey App

The monkey app is all about making friends and has fun. A social app that allows you to share who you are and meet people in seconds. A community of celebration and self-discovery of individuality. And last but not least, an all-embracing space for bananas and exclusive merchandise to be collected - free. Gain bananas and unlock bonus characteristics. You can speak and be heard with short videos by sharing posts. It also has a feature of a video chat. With your favorite celebrities, you can also make conversations and share with friends for fun.

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There are so many free apps like Addchat for free on android and iOS. You can select the above-mentioned apps or any other app according to your likes, preferences, and needs. 

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