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Top Apps Like Bottled: Alternatives for Android & iOS

Sep 21, 22  |  Admin

How do you meet new people these days? By placing messages in a bottle so that people can find and use them. That is what the Bottled app is all about. It is a perfect way to find new people anonymously. When people see your message, they can directly contact you and you guys can connect.

You may send a message to anyone, anywhere in the globe, using Bottled.

Let Distinguished.io dictate your random meetings with Bottled, whether you're searching for a buddy, a pen companion, or simply an intellectual connection!

But what if you are looking for apps like Bottled? That is what we are going to discuss in this article.

What is a Bottled App? 

You may send a message to anyone, anywhere in the globe, using Bottled. Your communications, on the other hand, will be received by a single person (or eight if you enlist the assistance of the Octopus)! The receivers can choose whether or not to keep your Bottled message based on its content. You will be able to communicate with each other if your Bottled message is preserved.

Here are some of the best apps like bottled. Let’s see all these apps in detail.

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Top Apps Like Bottled - The Best Bottled Alternatives

Find all apps that work just like Bottled app and help you find similar apps to connect with strangers and make new friends easily.


SLOWLY was designed for individuals who long for meaningful discussions, which have become scarce in the age of instant messaging. It links individuals all across the world at a slower but more efficient rate - one letter at a time. The software replicates the classic pen buddy experience on your mobile device, with mailing times varying from a few hours to days depending on the distance between you and your friend. Take your time writing and make your letter worthwhile. It is a great app like Bottled that you can use to make new friends.

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Shimagurashi - Find Japanese Penpal

Shimagurashi is a Japanese texting app. It is widely utilized by the Japanese people. This software is highly suggested for individuals with a passion for Japan. You can enjoy information exchange even if you don't understand Japanese because there is an automated translation feature. Fill a bottle with your ideas and let them flow into the sea! Someone's mentality may have been shaken by the message you delivered. Shimagurashi is also a great app like Bottled to meet new strangers.

Ablo - Meet Strangers

Meet locals, broaden your horizons, and meet friends from all around the world. Ablo links you with individuals all around the world, from Zambia to Algeria, from the South Pole to Mars (soon). Watch videos to learn more about what's available and start speaking with your new acquaintances about common interests. Have fun and express yourself! Oh, you don't speak every language in the world, do you? It's no big deal! Ablo instantly translates your video and text interactions. Communicate with your international pals in your native language. Ablo is a perfect alternative to the Bottled app.

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