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Sep 17, 21  |  Sharjeel Ashraf

Top Apps Like Ditty - Best Alternatives of Music from Text

Here is everything you need to know about Apps like Ditty and its alternatives for iOS and Android. 

Ditty was a tool for selecting a song, adding text, and sending the resultant video to pals. We haven't checked in with the app since then, but it's actually checking out this week.

Ditty will sing whatever you text him.

Create ridiculously amazing tunes and music videos! It was a “cloud-based music platform that enables anybody – regardless of talent or musical inclination – to create music in a new 3D environment.”

But since Ditty is not more with us. We have decided to take the matter in our own hands and decide if we can find more apps like Ditty that people are looking for. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the top alternatives to Ditty that still exist in the market. And, if you still want to use Ditty then you can download it from APKPure or any other APK downloadable website.

Best Alternative Apps Like Ditty for Smartphone Users

Here is a list of the top apps like Ditty that you can download from the Play Store or Apple App store. All these apps offer you the same features like Ditty such as turning music from text or creating rhythms just by typing.


In AutoRap, you're speaking to the camera rather than typing a message in this case, but the final video is quite similar to what you'd receive from Ditty. Fast cuts, great intensity, and auto-tuned "rap" generated from your words. There are a plethora of background tracks to pick from, and the program will slice up everything you say to keep it on time.

It is a great app like Ditty that you can use in your spare time to get the boredom out of the window.


Karaoke SingPlay is a Music and Audio app, which automatically transforms your mp3 tracks into Karaoke. It is free to use. The app allows you to sing and record your favorite songs, make your own unique recordings, and share them with friends and family all around the world.

You can quickly get started over here, and there's no need to break a sweat trying to discover or download your favorite karaoke tracks from YouTube. The SingPlay app automatically transforms your phone's music into karaoke songs while preserving the original quality of the music. It is a great app like Ditty for people who still miss that music app.


StarMaker is a popular karaoke singing app that allows you to select your favorite songs from a large repository and sing karaoke with over 5 million users worldwide. It is a completely free app that is exclusively accessible on iOS and Android. The StarMaker app has a plethora of voice effects, the ability to sing and share an endless number of songs, the ability to follow members, and much more. StarMaker is designed specifically for those who enjoy singing and aspire to be professional singers.

You may simply share your skill with others and receive likes with the assistance of this app. It has notable features such as finding new friends, over 500K karaoke tunes, regular updates, and a user-friendly interface.

Karaoke 365

Karaoke 365 is a great music and audio app for smartphone users. It enables you to simply locate and record your favorite songs and get more likes. You can use this karaoke app to access a wide range of music on YouTube or any other platform of your choice. So, in addition to English songs, you may sing in German, Italian, French, Hindi, and all the other languages.

It offers many additional services and features superior to others. With the assistance of this mobile app, you can create films alone or with friends. It also allows you to post your own films to the app or to publish them anywhere else on social media. Karaoke 365 is a great app like Ditty that you can download on your smartphone to get the same experience.


Singa is a musical and multimedia app that was created and distributed by Singa. It is regarded as the world's leading singing app and a great alternative to Ditty mobile app. It lets you free access to a song collection of over 250,000 high-quality tracks.

You can get songs of your choice with the Singa karaoke. This ever-expanding free karaoke song library includes everything from the biggest pop tunes to rock classics and everything in between. If you are looking for apps that can provide you with the best singing capability then Singa app like Ditty is for you.


WeSing is a free Karaoke singing app that allows you to perform cover versions of popular songs from a big directory. It allows users to sing karaoke songs and film their performances as if they were celebrities. WeSing is a perfect app like Ditty that makes you enjoy karaoke. It also allows you to collaborate with the world's greatest artists from all around the world. The app has an edit feature, which allows you to modify all of the high-quality recordings with a wide variety of voice effects and share your covers with all of your friends to earn likes. It contains a massive library of songs from which to make music videos. WeSing is also a classic music app that allows alternative options to users.


Yokee is one of the best alternatives to Ditty that offers all the similar features with some new features such as the endless selection of karaoke songs, a variety of genres, different themes, finding a new song, and recording and sharing unlimited videos. It is a free service available on Android and iOS platforms and you can access it anywhere around the world.

Download Top Apps Like Skout

We have listed some of the best apps like Ditty that you can use to create music videos from texts or videos. These are some of the finest mobile apps in the market and available for both Android and iOS smartphones. 

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