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Sep 20, 21  |  Ashar Ali

Top Free Similar Apps Like Hoop for Android and iOS 2022

Do you want the best apps such as Hoop? Would you like to know which application is best to make new friends? Any app can replace real-life communication, however, and the best app can be chosen based on your preferences.

Hoop is a platform for making new friends and discovering new cultures worldwide. If someone sends you a query, you can control the conversation and accept or refuse the request. They won't let them know that you declined their request if you decline. Hoop is present on the Apple store and Play store. 

Does the app hoop still work?

Unfortunately, Hoop has been discontinued on July 17, 2020. Hoop, like many other local establishments, had to close its doors due to the pandemic's devastating effects. Due to the short notice, many parents and teachers were left scrambling to find a solution for advertising and scheduling lessons.

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Top Apps Like Hoop for Android and iPhone 

There are several apps like Hoop. In this blog, some top apps like hoop are listing below: 


You can connect to friends, family, and even millions of people or dozens of groups that share the same interests as you on Facebook. You can see your favorite content, buy and sell items, communicate privately or just spend time with your community.

Share your thoughts or post major life events and celebrate everyday moments with stories. Find out about all types of events, local groups, supporting firms, and activities in your vicinity. Find every type of content, including sports, beauty, information, and entertainment, from original shows to creators to videos.

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Yubo: Share Moments and Make Friends 

Yubo is a social media platform where you can make new friends with live streaming and trustworthy interactions based on your interests. You can make friends from your local community or even from all over the world and socialize quickly through live chat. By testing Snapchat's new filters, you can turn on your camera and video chat.

It's totally free. However, you can only power up with your power pack if you want additional benefits. You may share more fun moments with your friends while listening directly from YouTube to all your favorite content.


Wink is one of the apps like Hoop to make new friends worldwide. All you need to do is examine the profiles of each person and decide whether you think he's a fun new friend, swipe right, and start a conversation with your new friend.

You can send messages, GIFs, images, voice messages, game-breakers and even playing games safely within the Wink messenger. You can also add your new friends easily from other social media platforms. You can earn gems and send them to a friend or buy your profile’s new backgrounds with gems.

LMK: Add New Friends

LMK is one of the best apps like Hoop, where people who are of similar interest can chat or hang up in a number of ways and make new friends. It's a free application to download and for some advanced features, you can also subscribe to its premium.

You can just continue to use and enjoy LMK for free if you are not willing to buy LMK premium. Create your LMK profile by posting your true self to the community feed. There is also the possibility to drop in in audio rooms and talk to a group.


It's one of the best apps similar to Hoop. With live messages, group stories, and even new friends all around the world you can stay in touch. The camera opens right so that in just a couple of seconds you can send a snap.

You just have to take a picture or video, add a picture and share it with your friends. It has a special profile for each friendship to see the moment that you saved together. Find new things, such as astrological compatibility, scorestreaks, and more that you have in common. Snapchat is most popular among teens. 

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Kik is one of the best apps like hoop. It’s not just a message platform. You can connect with your friends easily, loop around, explore and talk to your friends. You can meet new friends and share videos, photos, games, GIFs, and much more on your feed and with your friends privately or publicly. 

You can find this app on the app store and the Google Play Store free of charge. The main thing that makes Kik the best app is that you don't have to log in with your phone number. Your email address is all you need and just start sending messages.


It's one of the best apps like Hoop in the world to build new friends. On Snapchat, you can make even more friends with Swipr. All you have to do is connect your Snapchat account to change your interests or hobbies to start meeting new people.

To get to know your new friends more quickly, open your chatroom to chat or share images, you can also get a diamond through interesting mini-tasks and unload more convenient functions for friends. While it's a free application, you can sign-up for a better experience in your paid version.

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There are many other apps like hoop. You can find them free on Apple Store or Play Store.

Which app do you select? Which app is the best app for you? It all depends on your personal preferences, likes, and needs? You can get help from this blog about which app to choose for free as an alternative to a Hoop app.

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