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Top Apps Like vShare: Best Alternatives For iOS

Back in the day, the vShare app was a popular third-party App for iOS devices, letting customers upload and install pirated versions of applications and games for free. Regrettably, the shop has closed and is no longer accessible online. We've created a list of the top vShare alternatives for iOS in 2021.

What is vShare?

vShare was an app store where consumers could receive free downloads of legally purchased iOS and Android applications and games! The software may be downloaded from the website or sideloaded onto your iPhone via vShare Helper. The Store was primarily recognized as a Cydia alternative among non-jailbroken users.

Apart from free and premium programs, the free vShare Market App also contained apps that were not available in the authorized App, such as MovieBox. To install games, users may browse genres or use the built-in search tool to discover any iOS app. The same configuration options were accessible in vShare for iPad.

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Top Apps Like VShare - The Best vShare Alternatives?

Here are some of the best vShare alternative apps (apps like VShare) that you can download and install on your iOS and Android smartphones. Let’s learn more about them in detail below.


First in our list is Emus4u, an app for iOS - iPhone and iPad. It is a perfect app for users who would like to play premium games for free. It allows users to choose from different games. Emus4u is a great place to go if you want to get premium programs and games for free. You can get a lot of free modded apps and games. Since it is a third-party app available only for iOS, you get a lot of games and software by using Emus4u. It connects directly with the Cydia app and lets you play as many games as you want.


If you are planning to install apps on your iOS without jailbreaking, then this app is for you. It is a great app like Vshare that lets you install and play games and software of your choice from the Cydia app platform. All the apps available on iOSEmus have a green check on them that signifies that they will work on your app store even without a jailbreak.

All the apps are alphabetically placed in the iOSEmus app so that you can find and download them as needed.


Ignition is another great app like Vshare that you can use on your smartphone to install apps, it specially works for those who want to install new apps on their Jailbreak smartphones. With the Ignition app, all that is completely possible. The app is perfect for anyone who would like to install the latest apps on their Jailbreak phone without getting any kind of problem.

Panda Helper

Panda Helper is another great app like VShare that you can use to install tweaked, unofficial apps on your smartphone. With the Panda Helper app, whether you are Jailbreaking or Rooting your smartphone, it has the potential to save you from malware or security breaches on your device, and doesn’t even void the device’s warranty.


If you are looking for apps like Vshare, then the best app you can get is the AppValley itself. It is a perfect app for all those that would like to run unofficial apps on their smartphones. The platform is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones. You may use the free platform to get free access to premium AppStore applications and games.

TopStore App

TopStore is another great app like vShare. It's compatible with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. It means that all its apps are compatible with these smartphone users. TopStore doesn't require Jailbreak, and you can easily install an iPhone app on your smartphone. With TopStore you can also download cracked applications for free and install them on your iOS devices.


CokernutX provides over 5000 applications and games that you can install on your smartphone without jailbreaking it. This is an excellent alternative to vShare and the other applications on this list. CokernutX is compatible with iOS 7 to iOS 11, and, of course, the latest Apple smartphone version - Apple's iOS 12. All non-jailbroken smartphones are compatible.


AppCake seems to be the only jailbreak-required alternative to vShare in this package. To use the AppStore, you must additionally install extra AppSync Unified modifications that allow you to install signed, counterfeits, or ad-hoc certified IPA bundles on iPhone and iPad. The Appcake app works on all non-jailbreak phones and is a great alternative to VShare app.


FlekStore is a great app just like VShare. It is completely user-friendly and allows code signing platforms for iOS. Choose from our extensive app library, or sign your own apps. With this app, you can download multiple emulators, tweaks, and even your favorite apps. It has a simple installation and doesn’t require any extra tools. Since it works on all non-jailbreak iOS smartphones, it is a great app for beginners who would like to install new apps to their phones.

TweakBox App

TweakBox App is actually an app store just like iOS App store but unofficial. It offers you many third-party apps and tweaks for iPhone and iPad users. Every app on the TweakBox app store is tested and verified by developers before being made public to the users. All apps on TweakBox are malware free and they also offer customer support for users who get into a problem. It is a great alternative to the Vshare app that you can use.

Get Apps Like VShare for iOS

These are some of the best apps like VShare that iPhone users can download on their smartphones. All of these apps offer multiple features to the users and are great for installing new apps without jailbreaking.

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