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Dec 16, 21  |  Sharjeel Ashraf

Top Blockchain Conferences & Events 2022: List for Crypto Enthusiasts

You can call it bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, metaverse, NFT, or any other word you can think of but the hype around it is not going to stop anytime soon.

Today blockchain is linked with almost every aspect of our world. Whether we talk about finances, technology, games, art/property/assets, or even the way we interact, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have something to do with them all. We have cryptocurrencies for fintech, decentralized apps for tasks, and metaverse for interactions in the virtual world.

To discuss the opportunities that blockchain is going to open up for our world, blockchain enthusiasts joined in an event last year called The Bitcoin Conference 2021. It was a three-day event and almost 12,000 blockchain enthusiasts joined it 

But due to the impressive growth of blockchain today, this will not be the only blockchain conference happening in the world in 2022. To help learn about different blockchain conferences and events, we have created a complete list below. Learn about it in detail.

List of Top Blockchain Conferences & Events in 2022

We have scoured the web for the best blockchain conferences happening around the globe. Here is the crème du la crème of them all. See which blockchain conference or event is happening near your place and book it in advance. Tickets are going to run out soon!

  1. ETHDenver 2022

Date: Feb 11 to 20

Location: Web3 Castle


The purpose of ETHDenver 2020 is to contribute to the global blockchain ecosystem by engaging in decentralized application (dApp) development projects, providing documentation/tutorials/white papers, designing UI/UX, and making infographics. The organizers will provide mentors, resources, and meals. Before your travel, go to www.ethdenver.com to see the schedule, FAQs, and other relevant information.

  1. Blockchain Economy 2022

Date: May 22

Location: Istanbul


Istanbul will host the Middle East and Eurasia's second-largest Blockchain and cryptocurrency conference on May 22, 2022, bringing together some of the world's most significant personalities.

With over 60 countries anticipated to participate and a wide range of sessions focused on future financial technologies and significant networking opportunities, it will be the region's largest meeting for the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.

  1. Money 20/20 Asia

Date: Not Decided Yet

Location: TBD


Whether it's the next generation of fintech projects, pioneering crypto start-ups, or free-to-play crypto gaming projects, everyone who is impacted by financial systems will be attending the Money20/20. They will all be on the lookout for the project or transaction medium that will change the path of their business.

Money20/20 Asia will bring together senior representatives from all parts of the ecosystem, from China and India's financial hubs, Hong Kong and Singapore, to Japan, South Korea, and Australia's innovation centers, as well as emerging fintech markets like Indonesia and Malaysia, to connect and create the future of money.

  1. Shred the System

Date: March 2

Location: Harrisburg University


Traditionalists and disruptors alike are both scared and excited by cryptocurrencies. Crypto has arrived, and now it's up to you to find your niche. Harrisburg University will conduct a free one-day cryptocurrency conference on March 2, 2022, that will bring together some of the world's brightest thinkers and doers. In free-wheeling, interactive talks, experts from business, regulation, research, and finance will examine the present role of crypto and blockchain, as well as their potential in a digital future.

  1. Paris Blockchain Summit

Date: April 13 to 14

Location: Station F in Paris 


In a few months, the PACTE Act, which oversees France's crypto-asset market, will be passed. The Paris Blockchain Week Summit will bring together 3,000 industry professionals from France and throughout the world. The summit will be the major event during the week-long Paris Blockchain Week.

For two days, renowned speakers from the world's most important blockchain and crypto-asset organizations will talk on the main stage about the newest technology developments, as well as regulatory and investment challenges.

  1. Devcon 2022

Date: Not Defined

Location: Miami Beach Convention Center


Devcon is a quick lesson on the foundations of the Ethereum protocol for newbies, a worldwide family reunion for those already involved, and a source of inspiration and ideas for everyone.

Every year, they conduct Devcon to educate and empower the community to design and use decentralized systems. The conference will be for all sorts of developers, including software developers and website designers, as well as customers who install software and test engineers who manage blockchain and programming infrastructure.

  1. Bitcoin 2022

Date: April 6 to 9

Location: Miami Beach Convention Center


According to BTC Media, the firm behind the world's largest Bitcoin conference, an expanded 2022 event will be held at Miami Beach from April 6 to 9. A Bitcoin conference will be held in Miami ten days before Miami Tech Week in 2022.

As a result, on the fourth day of the conference in 2022, there will be a music festival. The conference, which will be hosted in the Miami Beach Convention Center, which is five times the size of the Wynwood conference, is projected to draw more than 30,000 people.

  1. Future Blockchain Summit

Date: October 9 to 12 

Location: Dubai World Trade Center


Future Blockchain Summit, which was launched in 2018 by the Dubai Government, is the first and largest Blockchain exhibition and conference in the MENA region, bringing together the community's brightest minds, most game-changing startups, and powerful investors for four days of networking, investing, and education centered around Blockchain, the most disruptive technology since the internet.

Future Blockchain Summit will be co-located with five major tech exhibits at Dubai World Trade Centre from October 9 to 12, 2022, to change the world's digital industry: Fintech Surge, Ai Everything, North Star Dubai, and Marketing Mania are among the events taking place at Gitex Global.

  1. CryptoWorldCon

Date: April 1 and 2

Location: James L. Knight Center, Miami


CryptoWorldCon (CWC) 2022 will be a major blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies conference/trade exhibition, concentrating on cutting-edge schemes and trends in the blockchain industry. This event will bring together high-profile personalities, corporations, investors, and organizations from across the world, transforming Miami into the global epicenter of the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.

More Blockchain Conferences to be held

These are just some of the blockchain events and conferences occurring in 2022. Surely there are going to be many more that you can attend next year. We are continuously monitoring the web for these blockchain conferences and will update this blog as soon as we find more of them. For the time being, book your tickets for the blockchain conferences we have listed above

Stay tuned to our blog!

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