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Sep 08, 21  |  

Top React Native Component Libraries to be aware of in 2021

There are thousands of React Native component libraries available today. Choosing the right one, on the other hand, is a difficult task. In fact, you should take care to select the most recent and high-performing ones that are appropriate for your use case. 

Consequently, this article will help you by providing you with a list of top react native component libraries to be aware of in 2021. This will also give you an idea of some advantages for React Native UI Designers to develop natively rendered apps for android and ios. 

Lottie for React Native  

Lottie is a mobile library for adding beautiful animations to your react native app. You can use Adobe After Effects to create and add your own animations or use any of the freely available ones. Bodymovin exports animation data in JSON format, which is then rendered natively on mobile. 

Lottie for React Native has 13.5K+ stars on GitHub and is a library you should be aware of in 2021.

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React Native Maps  

The React Native libraries include map components that are highly configurable for both Android and iOS. You can change the map pov region, map aesthetic, overlay other map design features, and even customize the markers. 

This is the archive to use if you need to incorporate maps into your React Native app and it has 11.5K+ stars on GitHub. 

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React Navigation and React Native Navigation  

Both React Navigation and React Native Navigation are great elements for forwarding and navigation in your React Native app.

React Navigation 

React Navigation is simple to set up and facilitates navigation patterns like stacks, tabs, and drawers. Furthermore, React Navigation is entirely written in Typescript and exports type definitions for TypeScript projects.

React Native Navigation 

React Native Navigation, on the other hand, is mostly written in Objective C and Java. It outperforms React Navigation by combining native modules with a JS bridge. On GitHub, React Navigation has 19K+ stars, while React Native Navigation has 12K+ stars. 

React Native Elements 

React Native Elements is a cross-platform React Native UI design toolkit that amalgamates a number of intuitive open-source UI components created by developers in a centralized location. You can look through the packages created by React Native Elements to ensure that the API has a consistent look and feel. It's no surprise that it has 17,000 stars on Github. 

Pricing, badges, overlays, dividers, and platform-specific search bars are all included in the package. They are simple to use and highly customizable. The props for all of the components are defined in a single location, making it simple to update or modify components. It can also serve as a platform for small teams developing commercial React Native apps to collaborate on open source projects.

There is React Native Web, which allows you to use React Native for web-based projects. It enables the development of fast, adaptive UIs in JavaScript and integrates with React Dev tools. Your codebase will be shared between React Native and web apps. It is used by companies such as Twitter and supports type, click, and swipe input modes, as well as built-in accessibility and RTL support. React Native UI Designers can receive great help for developing natively rendered ios and android applications.

Ignite CLI 

Ignite CLI is an excellent starting point for React Native apps. The default React Native boilerplate effortlessly assists you in building native apps at no cost. It is simple to install and adheres to best practices in its construction while allowing you to customize the boilerplates to your specific project. It is multi-platform compatible and has support for standalone plugins.

You can also choose from a variety of boilerplates or create your own. You can add application features or write your own using the modular plugin system. A usage example screen assists you in testing third-party libraries and developing apps with multiple components. The screen also includes examples of commonly used apps created with basic components. This screen also registers the examples in the component's files to assist you in easily identifying the components and making changes to them. You can test, use, and share components with your team from this screen. Ignite CLI has received over 10,000 stars on Github.  This is one of the top react-native component libraries to be aware of in 2021

React Native- Gifted Chat  

React Native Gifted Chat, as the name implies, will assist you in creating a React Native Chat UI (and web). It is written in TypeScript and includes fully customizable components that allow you to load previous messages, copy messages to the clipboard, and more. There is also an InputToolbar that allows users to avoid using the keyboard. 

It supports Avatar as user initials, localized dates, multi-line TextInput, quick reply messages (bot), and system messages to improve user experience. There is also support for Redux. On Github, Gifted Chat has over 8,000 stars.