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Sep 15, 21  |  

Top Upcoming Augmented Reality Games for Smartphones in 2021

AR has made significant progress in the field of mobile app development in the past decade. Many apps now offer AR integrations and bring user experience to a completely new level from interactive maps and virtual display rooms.

AR uses the concept that computer-generated pictures are superimposed on top of your reality. You can expect that sales will rise exponentially at the rate it is taking over the world.

That being said, if you want to invest in augmented reality mobile games, you're here to learn some of the best games for increased reality in app stores.

Top Upcoming Augmented Reality Games for Android and iOS

Manipulative maps of reality are fantastic games and providing a perfect gaming experience for gamers. In addition, the player can move around the game by using other techniques such as GPS and perform tasks or missions. 

AR dominates the mobile gaming industry from Android AR games to iPhone shooting. By turning the future of mobile gaming. Today, users can enjoy their smartphones with convenience.

Would you like to find out about the most exciting genre in the field of gambling? Just dive in and learn some of the most inspiring and improved augmented reality games for android and iOS applications.

Zombies Run

Enjoy your morning jog with a mobile game with increased reality like Zombies, run! Run! It's a free app that offers Android and iOS users an exciting experience to walk in town in the morning.

The actors who survived the zombie attack are the protagonists. You must do a variety of tasks by walking or running and collecting items while avoiding the zombies that chase you.

The AR mobile game also plays music and different stories to motivate you for morning workouts.

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Knightfall Augmented Reality Game


A fighting strategy game that takes the user into the Knights and Warriors world. The goal is to protect Acre from the opponents (Mamluk Warriors).

The games immerse your user in a flat area. The user's point of view acts as a targeting system to fire on the enemy units as they march in your direction.

You can kill enemies, gain gold, strengthen your defenses, and repel warriors in AR mode. The more fighting you win, the more features and challenges you open up. AR makes its magic during the gameplay and gives the user a lively experience.

In addition, one of the additional functions of the game is the 'photo mode,' so the game allows you to select and use the characters of the game for your own fun.

Jurassic World Alive 

Jurassic World Alive is one of the best Agricultural Reality games based on adventure. On your smartphone, you have ever thought to capture a dinosaur.

Dinosaurs roam the world, and players are tasked in virtual reality to explore their environment. You need to collect your sample of DNA in order to create a hybrid species to fight other players in real-time.

Developed for Android and iOS users by Ludia, Inc., it is one of the finest AR games.

Temple Treasure Hunt

Temple Treasure Hunt is another app for Android Reality Augmented Games. The game supports the increased reality mode by using geolocation. Temple Treasure Hunt is a perfect example of this incredible augmented-reality gaming app, with tonnes of mysteries, legends, and adventures.

The scope of the game is easy. You could be a treasure guard. You can be a hunter, but in both cases, you must follow the interactive map.

When you play as the treasure guard, you have to create treasure trails, which make it difficult for hunters to find the treasure. Likewise, you have to find the treasure when playing the hunter.

In addition, you must bypass legendary Indian characters and increase your game experience in an attempt to reach the treasure.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is one of the most recognized augmented reality games for its outstanding performance and user experience. It marks the turning point in the mobile and AR technology industries.

It's a mobile AR game for Android and iOS users. Developed by Niantic. It puts a virtual battlefield and animates objects in the environment of players so that they can find and capture Pokémon.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite


Harry Potter: Unite Wizards is a mobile adventure augmented-reality game, much similar to Pokémon Go.

The wizarding world has been hit by a calamity, which Wizards have to unite to resolve. Players roam around their environment searching for different collection items while fighting against enemies.

Cameos of popular characters, as well as new characters, maybe enjoyed by Harry Potter fans. It's one of the most fantastic and adventurous games for Android and iOS users.

AR Sports, Basketball

Another top-notch mobile gaming app with an increase in reality, in which the player can shoot the ball anywhere in real-time. Unlike other apps on this list, a simpler AR integration level is used for AR Sports Basketball.

The user can literally play basketball in person with various gaming modes, including a multiplayer option.

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Shark in the Park 

Players can take a walking tour, explore dinosaur lands or go underwater through the GPS of a telephone. The built-in sensors of the app read your motions, so the quicker you move in the game if you run in real-time.

You can enjoy it outdoors among the best AR games for Android. (Note that the app is not available from the Play Store but can be downloaded from third-party app stores via Android APK.

Dark: Subject One


If you love adventure and mystery, dark is a mobile game with increased reality on your smartphone.

The game is a short horror story with the protagonist players, Subject #3. Beyond the portal, you enter a dark, parallel universe and start an exciting adventure, following the hints of unraveling the story behind the disappearance of your colleague.

On the downside, many users report failures and poor follow-ups that influence the overall user experience. However, it's still one of Android and iOS users' best upcoming augmented reality games.


The growing reality steadily enters the world of the development of mobile apps. It offers entrepreneurs and developers enormous potential to compete.

The future of AR is therefore promising in mobile gaming. It enables players to experience the real world in a digital way, changing our perspective on reality. In return on user engagement, downloads, revenues, and more, companies can rake in.

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