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Voice Chat App Development: Everything You Need to Know

Building an application in this era seems like a very lucrative decision. However, it surely isn’t one that is easy. Hence, the smartest of developers and app investors have to work together to ensure they get the most out of the application. If you’re considering investing in voice chat app development, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we are breaking down the process of building a voice chat application and much more. 

The Era of Voice Chat App Development 

The popularity of online voice communication peaked in 2020, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down. The number of solutions available is increasing, as is the level of competition. This post is for you if you want to learn how to make a functional voice chat software that people will enjoy.

It's nearly hard to keep track of all the many types of digital communication nowadays. Text messages, emoticons, video calling apps, voice messaging, and voice calls all have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Text, for example, hardly conveys the correct tone of voice and does not represent facial expression, making it easy for the recipient to misread the message. 

Video calls are far superior, but some people are camera-shy and are unable to turn on the camera at all times. It appears that voice chat app development is the ideal solution, especially given their current popularity. So, here's how to make a voice chat software that will take the stage by storm. 

Understanding the Fundamentals Voice Chat App Development

If you really want to go down this lane, you need to obtain a firm understanding of the fundamentals of building a voice chatting app. What do we mean by this? Well, a voice chat application differs from other types of applications in many ways. There are certain must-have features that make a voice chatting app. If these features are not integrated into the application, it will surely not be considered a big deal by users. 

So, what are the must-have features? Well, below we’ve mentioned them in detail.

Voice communication is getting increasingly popular among users, thus developing voice chat software may not be a bad idea. What functions might you incorporate in your future solution to make it more appealing to your target audience? Based on Discord, we've compiled a list of the most important voice-based software features.

Channels and/or Servers

Servers and channels are places where you can communicate with other members of the community. They can be devoted to a variety of issues, ranging from a school assignment to workflow management. Discord has limits for both the number of channels (server subgroups) and the number of people who can join a server: 500 and 5000, respectively.

Management of Roles & Permissions

Admins can assign multiple roles to the server and channel participants, as we described earlier. Each user can have multiple responsibilities in different channels, and each channel can have distinct authorization settings.


Discord does not exclude text messaging from its capability, despite its major focus on voice communication. You can also make a video call in channels and private conversations, in addition to voice and text communication. Some channels are solely for audio and video chatting, with no text messages, so users may simply join and begin conversing. This connection is based on WebRTC, an open-source technology that aids in achieving the finest possible audio and visual quality.

History of Messages

To save space, some text and voice conversations remove old messages over time. Text messages do not take up much space, but as they collect, they can become quite a burden. People rarely look back to texts written more than a month ago, thus message history may not appear important in personal texting.

Sharing A Screen

Even if it isn't widely used, the ability to show your PC or smartphone screen during a call is an important feature for a voice software like Discord. This can be used for both enjoyment and business communication, such as gaming or viewing a movie. With some graphic aid, you can undoubtedly make your message clearer for your coworkers and clients.

How to Build A Voice Chat App?

Now that we've learned about the game changers in the voice chatting apps industry and what to think about while developing a speech-based solution, it's time to get to work on the code. However, developing code is only one component of the process. If you want your voice communication app to succeed, follow these steps.

Examine the market.

To begin with, do not underestimate the value of research. This stage will assist you in gaining a better understanding of your target audience, their challenges and requirements, your rivals, and the niches in which your future solution can thrive. It's best to construct a buyer persona and assess their probable behavioral patterns before developing a voice chat software that consumers will enjoy.

Hire A Development Company 

It's time to get to work on the coding now that we've learned about the game changers in the voice chat applications sector and what to consider while designing a speech-based solution. However, writing code is only one part of the equation. Follow these steps if you want your voice communication app to succeed.

Make A Minimum Viable Product.

The MVP, or minimal viable product, is a critical component of determining whether your software solution met its objectives. A minimum viable product (MVP) is a real product with the most useful features. It is used to determine whether or not to continue investing in product development based on market response.

Collect Input & Create the Final Product.

The MVP was seen by your target audience, who tested it and gave you positive feedback. They like it and they need it, so you can keep updating it successfully. Adding new features and creating fresh content will draw in more users and increase revenue.

Voice Chat App Development Cost 

The cost, like the tech stack, will be largely determined by the product specifications. The following items should be considered when assessing costs:

  • Design and features of the product
  • Your development team's hourly rate and the number of employees
  • Technology stack Time frame

If we try to estimate the cost of such a project, we can estimate that it will cost around $60,000 and more, based on all of the elements described above. 


Voice chat app services are becoming more popular, and more people are opting for this kind of communication. If you approach it the proper way, the idea of creating a chat software like Discord can become a success, and the end product will be well received by consumers. Follow our advice to take over the world of voice chat apps.

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