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Jun 16, 22  |  ibrahim imran

Web3 Developer Salary: Complete Job Overview On Developer Salary

Wondering what the job outlook of web3 developers is? Trying to figure out web3 developer salary, demand, and future opportunities in store? This article is just for you. Here we break down everything you need to know from the complete job description, outlook, and even how to become one. 

The average income for web developers is predicted to be massive in 2022, programmers are becoming more and more interested in Web3, and some of them are driven to the technology by the high salaries offered by Web3 companies, which range from $70,000 to well over $230,000 annually.

We'll contrast the typical pay in the United States, India, Europe, and the rest of the world to get a better understanding of how much a Web3 developer makes. We'll also look into the circumstances surrounding these six-figure wages.

To understand why so many people are earning millions of dollars in the blockchain sector, it is necessary to have a better grasp of blockchain, DApps, and Web3 developers.

For some people, learning HTML, CSS, and JS coding now would be equivalent to paying $10 for a Bitcoin.

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Web3 Developer Salary Overview 

  1. The typical salary range for web developers is between $90,000 and $150,000.
  2. The pay for Web3 developers might vary greatly depending on region, level of experience, and role.
  3. Web3 developers are in high demand compared to the limited supply, which generates high salaries.

Understanding Web3

Web3 is a new version of the World Wide Web that incorporates ideas, to put it simply.

Co-founder of Ethereum Gavin Wood first used the term in 2014, and by 2021 venture capital firms, the cryptocurrency community, and major tech companies had all taken notice.

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One of the key elements of Web3, which is based on the Blockchain, is smart contracts. Let's examine smart contracts, their role in the creation of DApps, and the high salaries earned by smart contract developers.