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Aug 31, 21  |  Sharjeel Ashraf

Seven Website Redesign Questions to Ask Before a Site Redesign

A website redesign allows your company to audit its current site, evaluate your goals, investigate the target audience, and amplify your brand presence. 

When designing a new website design, make sure that it works in your favour and help to increase the overall business objectives if you take the appropriate approach and use a sound website discovery process.

A website redesign may be a stressful and difficult experience, this is all the more reason to be certain you're doing this appropriately... or even if you need to do it at all. So, before you begin, here are some key questions to consider.

Website Redesign Questions You Should Ask Yourself

The questions we have listed go both ways. You can ask them to yourself to understand how you perceive the redesign. Or, a website design agency can ask you these questions. This will allow them to get a perspective about your thinking and ideas.

  • Do you really need a redesign?

A redesign should solve problems and assist your firm or group in doing something better, such as increasing sales, expanding readership, or encouraging more sign-ups. It shouldn't only be about incorporating the newest interesting visual gimmick onto your site.

It's probably not a good enough justification to start ripping pixels up just because your website feels "stale" or isn't as flashy as another site you visited. Improving the appearance and feel of a design is important — and can be a large element of a redesign — but it shouldn't be the sole reason you're conducting a website overhaul.

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  • What is your target audience?

Who is viewing your website right now? (Don't start a redesign until you have basic metrics in place.) What do you know about the people who come to your website? Who, ideally, would be your target audience if they aren't them? Who do you want your website to connect with? Defining and describing a target user's "persona" can be beneficial in this situation.

  • What do current site visitors/customers complain about?

Ask users what they desire or don't like about the present site if you don't know.

Request that they complete a brief survey. In a post, ask for suggestions. In a tweet, ask your followers. Send a special message to your email list asking for feedback and suggestions. There's no excuse for not knowing what your current visitors enjoy and don't like about your present site with platforms like Survey Monkey, MailChimp, and Google Forms.

  • When someone comes to your site, what one thing do you want them to do first?

You may have a website chock-full of content, tools, and resources, but what would you want someone to do if they came to your site — and didn't stay long? Are you looking for their email address? Do you want them to try it out for free? Do you want your most recent video to be played? Whatever answer you come up with, it should be the primary purpose of your web redesign.

  • What do you want someone to know or understand about you within five seconds?

Considering that, what is the most important thing you want that individual to know or understand about yourself, your organization, or your business during that brief encounter? In that little window of opportunity, an effective website may transmit some essential information. Some instances are as follows:

  • We generate money for blood drives and disaster assistance.
  • We are a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing childhood hunger.
  • Organic cupcakes are available for purchase.
  • Apps for mobile devices are examined.

  • How is the current user flow or customer journey?

A business may better understand how its customers go through the sales process and how they feel by using a customer journey map to evaluate user behavior.

It's simple to imagine how your clients browse your store on any given day if you have a traditional business with a storefront. But how can you figure out why a consumer is angry over the internet?

The customer journey is a blueprint of your UX at each touchpoint, by definition.

Your aim is to enhance your company's lead generation. Users will return and spend money with you if you optimize how they browse your website and make the process more efficient.

  • What sites are visually inspirational to you?

I routinely ask clients for examples of websites that they love for various reasons. More importantly, I inquire as to why they enjoy them. While you should never duplicate someone else's website design, knowing what websites (or aspects of websites) appeal to you is really useful.

Early in my design career, I discovered that adjectives like "bold," "contemporary," and "friendly" imply quite different things to various individuals, especially non-designers. These are dangerously subjective terms. A better strategy is to look at what a customer considers "bold," "contemporary," or "friendly" by looking at their influences. This data may be used to guide the visual design in the appropriate direction.


A website makeover may transform an outdated, inefficient site into a growth engine for businesses, audiences, and revenues. It has the potential to be a powerful tool if used correctly. But if you want to do it correctly, make sure you've asked the appropriate questions; they'll lead you to the right answers.

Ready to redesign your website?

It's no simple task to redesign a website. It's not just a big commitment, but it's also a true team effort, whether it's an in-house team or a group of outside suppliers and agencies. However, if any of the aforementioned issues or changes are occurring, a website redesign may be worthwhile.

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