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Mar 16, 22  |  Ibrahim Imran

When is it Time to Invest in a Website Redesign: Factors to Look Out For

Wondering when is it time to invest in a website redesign? If that’s what you’re thinking about, the time might be right now. There are certain signs one must look after before investing in a website redesign. This article shares with you instances which determine whether it is time to redesign or revamp your website. 

Let's get one thing straight: in today's corporate world, a lousy website isn't acceptable.

In the past, many marketers and companies focused solely on "digital strategy" in a relatively traditional environment. However, the truth is that we are now living in a very much digital world, and it is here to stay.

Digital destinations—this is your website—are at the vanguard of the digital world. It's a website where both prospects and customers may find out more information. It could mean the difference between a prospect contacting your organization for a proposal and going on to someone else.

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When is it Time to Invest in a Website Redesign

Websites Created with Strategy are Important 

This isn't a skewed viewpoint. It is applicable to all industries.

It could mean the difference between someone visiting your brewery because they found exactly what they were looking for (hours, growler details, tap list, etc.) or choosing another.

It might mean the difference between a car listing that ranks first in search engine results and one that is stepped on by the competitors.

When is it time to invest in a Website Redesign?

Given the foregoing, when is it truly time for a redesign? Here are a few scenarios to consider; if you find yourself in any of them, it's time to revamp.

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Your Team is Having Issues with the Website 

One of the most common complaints about organizations' websites is that they are unable to use them.

They're not attempting to alter the code; rather, they're attempting to alter the copy and graphics. They're usually dealing with one of two issues:

  • There isn't a Content Management System on the website (CMS)
  • The website was poorly constructed.

System for Managing Content (CMS)

The CMS serves as a link between code and content. It's what's utilized to add those pages, upload those photographs, and change that copy.

WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and HubSpot are all popular "mediators." Each of these CMS interfaces has its own set of benefits. Aside from their benefits, one of the most important roles they play is assisting organizations with content management.

You're depending on whoever developed the website to switch out images and copy if you don't have a CMS. This is usually a good indicator that the website was created entirely with HTML and CSS. It may appear OK from a design standpoint, but it is a nightmare from a management standpoint.

The Website Wasn't Well-Constructed

When is it time to invest in a website redesign? While CMS may be one reason, sometimes a website simply isn't well-built.

It is the developer's responsibility to construct responsibly. Part of this is making templates "unbreakable," in the sense that clients won't bump something and ruin the aesthetic, and easily editable from within the CMS of choice.

It's a development issue if simple actions like adding photos or changing text are tough.

Website is not Responsive 

Not only for the end-user, but also for overall search engine optimization, a responsive website is essential (SEO).

Mobile accounts for more than 60% of all website traffic. This suggests that more than half of your visitors are using their phones to access your website.

You're missing out if your website isn't responsive. You're also annoying the vast majority of visitors to your website. This annoyance may cause them to disregard you or your services entirely.

A website must adapt to the device on which it is being viewed. It should change for the best user experience, whether it's on a laptop, tablet, or phone.

In terms of SEO, Google is now factoring responsiveness into the calculation. It makes perfect sense. A website that isn't optimized for all platforms shouldn't appear on Google's first page of results because it isn't very useful, especially if you're looking at it on a mobile device.

A non-responsive website is a relic of a bygone age of the internet. A non-responsive website can be salvaged, but it will require a lot of effort. It frequently necessitates so much effort that a new redesign is justified.

Your Brand is not Reflected on Your Website 

When is it time to invest in a website redesign? Well, the six senses of branding must be used to communicate your brand. Branding is a multi-sensory experience. It's the appearance and odor of your workplace. The way your team looks, acts, and communicates. It includes your primary marketing messages, slogans, and other visual elements.

Your website should act as a central and effective brand representative for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without fail. Brands, on the other hand, frequently approach their websites as afterthoughts. What was the end result? There is a significant difference in the way you communicate.

Disparities in Websites and Brands

The following are the most common inconsistencies:

  • The employment of incorrect fonts, colors, and logos
  • Layouts that are outdated and difficult to traverse
  • Functionality and features are lacking.
  • The usage of photographs that appear to be phony and "stock"

If your website isn't consistent with your brand, it's easy to spot. Ask yourself whether you're partially embarrassed for others to see it. Is it accurate in expressing who you are?

Let's pretend you're a high-end retailer. You're contradicting your own messaging if you have a less-than-luxury website.

Find Out When is it Time to Invest in a Website Redesign

The Competition is Smacking Your Website

With your website, you should appropriately represent your brand while also outperforming the competitors.

How does your website fare in comparison? Is your website getting a little battered?

If that's the case, a redesign is in order. It's time to show what you're made of to your opponents.

Don't follow in the footsteps of others—rise above them.

Copying the competitors is a common danger of a website overhaul. Copying won't make you stand out; instead, it'll make you blend in with the crowd.

To get ahead of the competition, leverage your brand and inventiveness. What can you do to improve the quality of your website?

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End-User Doesn’t Get any Value from your Website

When is it time to invest in a website redesign? Well, your website receives a visitor but doesn't provide value. The value your website delivers is what keeps customers coming back. If there isn't any, they're going to bounce right away. They'll keep looking for whatever it is they're searching for.

The Role of Websites in the Marketing Process

Before picking up the phone to call sales, prospects make 60% of their purchasing decisions. Prospects are conducting the majority of their research online in today's digital world. That is just another reason why you should provide an engaging digital location.

The website should add value at every turn. Rather than providing a hazy overview of who you are and what you do, convey your entire story. Discuss your personnel, your background, your solutions, and your procedures. Give individuals something to investigate and learn about. Assist them in getting to know you and who they'd be speaking with if they asked for a meeting.

Beyond that, you must be constantly adding value.

Your Website must be able to Accommodate Value-Added Content.

It's time to rethink how you portray yourself online if your website isn't ready to support value-added material. Your website should serve as a central center for important information about your company. It should also serve as a clearinghouse for educational resources to aid prospects in their decision-making.


So, when is it time to invest in a website redesign? Above mentioned factors will help you indicate whether or not your website needs a total revamp. 

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