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WordPress Site can't be Reached? Here is What You Need to Do

Mar 10, 22  |  Ibrahim Imran

When you try to access your WordPress site, you get an error message that says, "Wordpress site can't be reached." Before you raise an alert, make sure your site is operational and that this is most likely a momentary malfunction.

This common WordPress problem, like many others, is simple to fix. But, before we can fix this problem, we must first figure out why this error arises in the first place.

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Reasons for Error "WordPress Site can't be Reached"

The inability to access your site, like other WordPress issues, can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Conflict with a plugin or a theme
  • Software that is no longer supported
  • Error with the.htaccess file
  • Other factors

As it is believed that if an injury can be treated with medications, there's no need to undergo surgery. The same is true for resolving the WordPress unreachable site problem.

As a result, you should begin with the most obvious answers.

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Clear the Cache in your Browser.

It's possible that your website is unavailable due to a browser cache issue. Clear your browser cache to rule out any browser difficulties.

To delete your cache in Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Opera, press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE at the same time.

Now go to your website and try to access it. If you can get to it, it means our basic browser exploit worked.

Conflict with a plugin or a theme

Have you lately updated or installed a plugin or theme? Perhaps you accidentally inserted some code to one of your theme files, resulting in the "wordpress site can't be reached" issue.

We'll start by resolving any conflicts that have developed between plugins or themes.

You should be able to access your WordPress directory using an FTP/SFTP programme like Filezilla if you can't log in to your WordPress dashboard. Your hosting company can supply you with FTP credentials.

Go to the wp-content folder after connecting to your site via FTP. There is a folder called 'plugins' within this folder. Rename the folder to anything else, such as plugins.old.

Now go to your website and try to access it. If you can access your site, the issue was caused by one of your plugins. You'll need to log in to your website and go to the plugins menu to find this broken plugin.

A popup will appear that says "No plugins are currently available." This is to be expected, given that the plugins folder has been renamed.

Return to the wp-content folder and change the name of this folder to "plugins" to restore the plugins.

When you return to the plugins dashboard, you'll discover that all of the plugins have been deactivated. You must activate each plugin one by one in order to detect conflicting plugins.

You've found the conflicting plugin once the error happens again. You don't have to rename the plugins folder anymore.

Instead, navigate to the plugins folder through FTP. You'll find a folder for the conflicting plugin within this folder. The plugin will be removed if you rename this folder to something else. You can now log in to your website normally, as this also fixes the problem.

Check to see if this conflicting plugin was recently updated after logging in to your dashboard. If the conflict was caused by a recent update, you can revert to the previous version of the plugin while submitting a support case to the plugin creator.

You can try deactivating your existing theme if renaming the plugins folder did not solve the problem. Connect to your website through FTP and navigate to the wp-content folder once more. The themes folder is located within this folder.

When you click on the theme folder, you'll get a list of all the themes that have been installed on your site. Your current theme folder needs to be renamed. Assume your theme folder is called Libre. This should be renamed to libre.old.

Your site will revert to the default WordPress theme if the theme is removed. If this fixes the problem, it's likely that the theme was to blame for the site's inaccessibility.

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Software that is no Longer Supported

PHP is the programming language used by WordPress. Please make sure your website is running on PHP 7.4 or above. Despite the fact that PHP 8.x is the most recent version, many hosting providers still do not support it.

Your server, on the other hand, should be running PHP 7.4. Also, check sure your themes and plugins are compatible with your PHP version; otherwise, the "wordpress site can't be reached" problem in WordPress could occur.

You can request that your website's PHP version be upgraded by contacting your hosting company. Some high-quality servers, such as Dreamhost, have the opportunity to upgrade to the most recent PHP version manually. You can always go back to the previous version if this patch doesn't work.

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