Distinguished allows gives IT companies immense exposure, connecting them to the right audience, taking interested users to the company’s websites, and beyond. Distinguished is a platform that connects IT related companies and their potential clients.
To claim your profile, email Distinguished at [email protected] and ask for the credentials. Please make the request from the email registered with a company domain.
Yes. Authentic reviews will have a positive impact on your profile. More positive reviews will enhance your credibility, give prospects insights about your services, and improve your visibility by helping us calculate your profile ranking.
A free member enjoys full-fledged access to company profiles. The company can be on the ‘Research Listing’ if it surpasses all the criteria. A featured partner has all the right of the free member as well as that of a featured partner. And a sponsor enjoys privileges of free members, featured partners, and the topmost position in ‘Directory’ listing above the featured partners.

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