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We are Neoteric and are a tech partner for those who want to innovate. Get access to top software engineers, kickstart your project, and start building your success case. No matter if you want to build a new product, develop an existing one, or introduce AI to your business, we are here to help you ... Working on over 50 projects in 5 continents as a tech partner and building 3 VC-founded startups of our own, we grew from an outsourcing company to a tech partner. As a tech partner, we will challenge your assumptions, brainstorm ideas, and test your product with users to build features they really need - all that to make you succeed with your product. You will be able to talk to the developers working on your product anytime you need and feel as if they were sitting next door - even when located in a different time zone. We will help you set metrics and success criteria, and monitor them from the first tests. You decide what you'd like to achieve with your project, we take care of the rest. It's time for you to focus on growing your business, while we take care of building your software. Ready to build your product?

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