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Noltic is a software development and delivery company committed to excellence and quality. The founders of the recently established company have sound 15+ years of experience in software development services within numerous verticals, such as insurance, healthcare, and media. Having worked with cust ... mers in multiple European countries and USA we aim to bridge the cultural gap and make the clients our lifelong partners. We can relate to your business needs and ensure our solution adds value and helps you achieve the ultimate goals - providing extension from simply satisfied customers to successful businessmen. Noltic offers complete IT solutions implementation managed from start to finish. Just as well software development workforce augmentation is an option should you require it. The main focus is consulting and development services, while the experts range from technologists to data scientists, to designers, who build and deliver web and mobile applications. We deploy scalable and secure solutions into the cloud from providers such as Amazon Web Services and We enable companies to tackle complex issues and solve them using our capabilities which combine curated talent scouting, certified professional expertise, and cultural proximity at the core.

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