Designing Experiences for Digital Commerce

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altima° is a leading, independent digital agency specialized in e-commerce activity. Our 250+ staff members are passionate about their work and cover all services needed to meet our clients\' goals, be it for strategy, design, user experience, SEO, analytics, search, e-marketing, CRM, operations an ... /or hosting.  While image and branding is key, we firmly believe all digital projects need to deliver true (and measurable) e-business & e-commerce performance: traffic, online sales, generation of leads, client relationship building, and performance optimization. It is this strong notion of return on investment which has helped us service our clients for the past 18 years.  altima° is headquartered in Lille with offices in Paris, Lyon, Shanghai, Beijing, Moscow, New York & Montreal. 

$100 - $149
250 - 999
Paris, Ile-de-France

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