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Founded in 1997, AVATAR\'s guiding principle is to respond to our customers\' needs by developing digital communications solutions that connect people and businesses.   AVATAR develops measurable mar... eting technology and communications systems: e-commerce, catalogs, websites, mobile, productivity, and data management software that is designed from the ground up to fit your needs. AVATAR designs digital business solutions to fulfill your current and future goals, exceed expectations, and simplify doing business.   Our process starts with learning about your business, your processes, and how you want to do business online. Our years of experience in digital marketing and communications helps us connect with our clients and give them the tools to expand opportunities and solve problems. But success does not come from the technology alone. It starts with careful planning and auditing in a well organized project management process that focuses on communication and teamwork. AVATAR\'s goal is to deliver results through a partnership approach that allows us to build long term and successful relationships with our clients.

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Toledo, Ohio

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