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Who are we…? Dude, where’s my car…? At Conkurent, we understand that not all industries are created equal, and development initiatives can’t be conceived with a template. Over the years we’v... worked hard to perfect an approach known as Agile Methodology, which has allowed us to not only deliver an effective product, catered to the needs of a given company, but also to build long lasting strategic relationships. What is Agile Methodology? Simply put, it’s a frame of mind centered in adapting to change, as opposed to attempting to predict everything from the start. Of course, this doesn’t mean we don’t plan intensively. We thoroughly research your industry and familiarize ourselves with the intricacies of your business objectives. This gives us the best possible starting point from which to sculpt and craft a digital solution that’s as flexible as you are. From there, our process is cyclical: We study and plan. We design and develop. We test and deploy. We learn and, as our programming forefathers might have said in days of olde,… GO TO 1 From this simple, streamlined iteration process, we are able to test, learn, evaluate, and adapt. The result is a ‘living, breathing’ product that is constantly improving, continually providing valuable feedback, and consistently manifesting in the form of tangible, real world results. Because at the end of the day, the numbers are what matter. And when you forge a relationship with Conkurent, you’re gaining an ally who understands this; and a partner who specializes in converting the abstract into the concrete. And when the iteration cycles, the data, and the communication are all flowing harmoniously, your end product will be a thing of beauty.

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