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We remove pain out of tech development processes!

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Finlark is created by people who faced the same problems as yours: a shortage of great developers, limited budgets, and bad freelancing options. We are a team of passionate individuals, possessing co... plementary skills to achieve project goals in design, development, and product management. Started in the year of 2017, we have good experience working with startups and agencies as their dedicated tech partners and product developers.  Our core USPs are: 1. We remove pain from the tech development process. 2. We undergo thorough project planning before starting the actual work. This gives us enough clarity of project cost and development time. 90% of our work is delivered before the committed deadlines. 3. We follow the well researched lean and agile methods for product development. It gives us the flexibility to incorporate the run time feedback as well as constant product testing. You can count on us for your UI/UX, Mobile apps and Web app development projects. Let\'s collaborate!

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