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What we do. “We develop mobile and web apps. But that’s not what our quest is.” You are the client but SORRY TO SAY our focus is not at you. Our Focus is on your clients, on your success and how together with your creative ideas and our skills we can create a next disruptive startup. “O ... r Focus is with you, not at you” We are a team that do not create apps, we create case studies. We do not say that we are a “Mobile App Development Company”. We don’t say that we are a “Website Development Company”. These are just a tools and mediums to solve the world next big problem. One idea many implementations. We keep it very clear that idea and products are different. The idea is the core engine. It is the gap that you want to bridge. The product is the technology that enables it. We see technology as the way of reaching out to the end users and helping them to achieve the “Delta”. For that, we might have to create an App, a website or a progressive web app that serves both worlds. We understand what a start-up is and we help them achieve what they should technically. That’s what we do. Our Mission Our mission is to create a whiteboard where start-ups can come and write their ideas. We need to make sure that the user-journeys have the least friction. We need to have the User Experience, “attention engineered”. We HestaBit Technologies (https://www.hestabit.com/) a  Mobile and Web Application development company work on# Mobile App Development # Website Development # Android App Development# iOS App Development # Product Strategy and Planning# Digital Marketing

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