Infinite Red, Inc.

Designing, Building & Shipping Apps for 10+ Years

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Infinite Red has been designing, building and shipping web and mobile apps for over 10 years. Our front-end team specializes in web and mobile design and development in React.js and React Native on both iOS and Android. Our back-end team builds websites, web applications, and APIs in Node, Elixir/Ph ... enix, and Ruby on Rails. And our design team can create beautiful and useful user experiences. We can work with you to develop your entire app, start to finish, or come in to help out along the way. Whether you need an MVP designed and developed or if you need to augment your current team with our React.js, React Native, Node, or Ruby/Elixir experts, we can do that too. We can rescue a struggling project, provide advice and direction, and train your developers in the finer points of building iOS, Android, and web applications.

10 - 49
Vancouver, Washington

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