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IT CRAFT is a full-service custom software development company focusing on first-class mobile and Web apps. Helping your businesses grow. We help businesses of any size and complexity go digital. No... matter what your business is, we help provide your customers the greatest convenience possible. Focusing on your needs. Depending on your aims, we provide the best options based on your budget, development time and product maintainability. We do the work faster than you could so you can focus on moving your business forward. Paying attention. We listen to what you say and then provide you with an answer. It might be a simple one-off bug fix or a major new project. No one can know in advance. But, whatever you decide, we will always give you our full attention all the time. Working on cutting-edge projects. We provide services to: Augmented Reality Internet of Things Indoor Positioning and Navigation Logistics and Supply Chain Mapping and Outdoor Navigation Education and E-learning Healthcare

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Berlin, Berliini

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