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Monstar Lab is Singapore\'s Most Trusted, Top-Tier Mobile App Development Company that Offers End-to-End Solution For iOS, Android Platforms and Web Apps.   Why Should You Choose Us?   1. Local Dedicated Team: We have a local team of experienced developers and designers. This means shorter lea ... times, better communication and faster launch to market.   2. Flexible Pricing Model: Unlike most mobile app development companies in Singapore that gives you a quotation based on a fixed set of requirements for your mobile app at an early development phase, we use Time & Material pricing model. This means that our in-house developers and designers are dedicated to your app development depending on the number of hours you need from our team. Have a lower budget? We can also assign our teams in Asia so that it meets your budget. This gives you greater development and cost flexibility.   3. World-class Standards: We have 16 offices spanning 8 countries, with 800 in-house developers worldwide and served over 500 clients for 900 projects. Using our global experience, you can be assured that the project we deliver to you are of world-class standards.

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