Navigation North

Charting paths to learning through technology.

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Navigation North is uniquely positioned to exceed expectations in both technical ability and educational expertise. Our team members are directly involved in education and technology, which means yo... r project will receive a balanced solution optimizing outcomes. For over a decade, Navigation North has been building online communities of practice focused on professional development, curriculum development and educational innovation. With experience at every level of education, Navigation North creates effective learning tools and systems which align to teachers’ instructional practices and effective learning research. Navigation North began as a team of educators and educational resource developers working to re-imagine and re-design: How teachers are supported in their practice How students learn in and out of class and How education systems can best support innovation While much of our work involves implementing systems, resources, and communities of practice on statewide and national levels, we still regularly work directly in schools and classrooms to continuously assess and calibrate our thinking and design with site leaders, teachers, and learners.

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Chico, California

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